meet greta van fleet: the band that’s taking over tiktok


illustration by kristen kubek

If Greta Van Fleet isn’t on your radar, they should be. The band, known for their Led Zeppelin-esque vocals and powerful lyrics, are just the kind of refreshing new talent that the rock genre needs. With a ‘70s revival on the horizon (hello, new ABBA music!), it’s about time that the rock genre is brought back into the mainstream.

The Michigan born-and-raised band consists of brothers Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka and their longtime friend Danny Wagner. Although signed to Lava Records in 2017, they weren’t well-known outside of the rock genre. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the band gained mass exposure thanks to a viral TikTok trend where users mocked the group’s 2019 SNL performance.

Initially a good-natured joke, the TikTok trend generated a huge public interest in the band. The original performance video amassed over 5 million views in less than four days. According to Billboard, the band’s streams have jumped over 122% since their exposure on the social media platform. The group’s song featured in the trend, “You’re the One”, saw over a 508% increase in streams.

One thing drawing audiences to the band is their mesmerizing live performances. Clad in ‘70s-inspired ensembles and often barefoot, the group has a down-to-earth approach that allows fans to feel a personal connection with the band. Greta Van Fleet’s appeal also lies in their unique sound, which draws from retro rock bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

From a fashion standpoint, Greta Van Fleet’s style is a prime example of the vintage androgynous look. From sparkling jumpsuits to embroidered jacket-and-pant combos, their style is as invigorating as their music. Their outfits often boast fringe detailing and eclectic jewelry that complete the ‘70s look.

No matter your music taste, it’s impossible to deny that Greta Van Fleet is on the rise. They’re bringing back rock and roll for a modern audience, and they’re doing it in style.

Listen to Greta Van Fleet’s music library here and head over to their Instagram page to check out their concert looks.


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