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Styles from Across the Sea


If you were to travel around the world, you would see just how much fashion varies — from Sarees in India, to Harajuku style in Japan and oversized faux fur coats in New York City.

A Magazine brings a new series featuring international students at Kent State and how their countries’ fashion is different and similar from America’s.

Name: YingFen Huang

Native country: China

Major: Fashion Design

Class standing: Sophomore


A Magazine: What brands are popular in China?

YingFen Huang: Nike, North Face, Chanel, Burberry and Chinese brands, Huili, Clot and JNBY.


AM: What are the current trends in China?

YH : Casual clothing, women will wear business suits. We like different colors. Girls like to bleach their hair.


AM: What are your favorite brands and websites?

YH: Madewell, Givenchy, Zara, AliExpress and


AM: How is Chinese fashion different from American?

YH: Americans are more into sport styles. Girls in China are dressier. We’re more personal with fashion and prefer to be original. Americans dress similar, but I like the natural curly hair American girls have.


AM: Is there anything else we should know about fashion in China?

YH:  American kids in school have more freedom with fashion. Children in China have to wear uniforms. If you were to dye your hair green, everyone would think that you’re weird and teachers would think that you’re not serious about your studies. If you were in America, everyone would think that you’re cool. Once we go to college, no one cares about what we wear.

Photos by Yishan Li

Interested in YingFen’s style? Check out these pieces below for a similar look!

HatTaobao  and also available at Aliexpress

Earring–  Defiance Tattoos

Cardigan– Forever 21

Sweater– Zara (similar)

Button up– Banana Republic

Jeans– Banana Republic

Shoes– Zara

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