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Photo by Mia Ostrovska

the fashion talks revives cleveland’s fashion scene

Kristen Kubek October 16, 2021

When you think of fashion, you think of New York City. Fashion entrepreneur Aimon Ali wants to change that. Her new business venture, The Fashion Talks, is reviving Cleveland’s fashion scene and making...

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illustration by kristen kubek

meet greta van fleet: the band that’s taking over tiktok

Kristen Kubek September 14, 2021

If Greta Van Fleet isn’t on your radar, they should be. The band, known for their Led Zeppelin-esque vocals and powerful lyrics, are just the kind of refreshing new talent that the rock genre needs....

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art: all star picture library

mamma mia! ABBA is back

Kristen Kubek August 30, 2021

Taylor Swift isn’t the only one to tease new music in cryptic messages. Now, Swedish sensation ABBA has caught on to the trend.  The Eurovision contest-winning band, made popular to modern audiences...

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Model: Kristen Kubek Photographer: Janelle Sessoms

ballet beautiful: dancewear finds its way into mainstream fashion

Kristen Kubek April 20, 2021

It’s no secret that dancers have a history of influencing the fashion world. Couture designer Iris van Herpen has created costumes for the Paris Opera and the New York City Ballet. Isadora Duncan, hailed...

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photo: kamryn rowe

underrated netflix shows to spark your fashion inspiration

Kristen Kubek April 18, 2021

Netflix has secured itself as a significant influencer in the fashion industry. In the summer of 2016, “Stranger Things” became the inspiration for a wave of ‘80s inspired looks, an impact that...

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Photographer: K Bodrock

hate has no home here, Kent State and #stopasianhate

Kristen Kubek April 8, 2021

This is the year of activism. After gaining traction in the #MeToo era, social media advocacy exploded with support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd last year....

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Photo by: Lisa Helland, 
Painting by: Sara Hill

trending DIY projects to boost your mental health

Kristen Kubek March 24, 2021

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on mental health. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that out of 195 students, 138 indicated increased...

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Illustration is by Abby Coe

The black community’s influence on contemporary fashion

Kristen Kubek February 26, 2021

Black culture has had a significant impact on contemporary American fashion. Trends that evolved within the community grew to become incorporated into mainstream culture as streetwear became a societal...

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Photography by Lisa Helland

The importance of eating local

Kristen Kubek November 19, 2020

As the leaves change and the air cools down, there is a beautiful atmosphere in downtown Kent. Usually, this time of year is an exciting one for students, community members and businesses alike. However,...

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art by: karisah brown

etsy & small businesses: supporting artists during covid-19

Kristen Kubek October 4, 2020

In an industry where they must compete with big players like Amazon, it’s often difficult for entrepreneurs to find their niche in the marketplace. This is especially true under the impact of the COVID-19...

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Photos by K Bodrock

dark academia fashion; an emerging subculture

Kristen Kubek October 3, 2020

As humans, we long to find a place of belonging. Finding consistency and comfort in our own lives is a quintessential part of understanding our own humanity. We strive to find our niche role in the world...

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Photo taken by Evan Seabeck

flower child: how ‘70s fashion is inspiring modern looks

Kristen Kubek September 14, 2020

Recently, Gen Z has raised awareness of important social and environmental issues. Causes like Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo Movement, and the Green New Deal have shaped the way young people think about...

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