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underrated netflix shows to spark your fashion inspiration

photo: kamryn rowe

Netflix has secured itself as a significant influencer in the fashion industry. In the summer of 2016, “Stranger Things” became the inspiration for a wave of ‘80s inspired looks, an impact that is still going strong today. The streetwear-inspired styles sparked a reemergence of scrunchies, mom jeans and vintage graphic tees. Likewise, after the release of “Bridgerton” this past winter, Instagram and Pinterest feeds are filled with corset looks, pastel colors and delicate lace. What started as royalcore, a little-known aesthetic, became a social media phenomenon, all thanks to the steamy new period drama. In their extensive repertoire of shows and movies, Netflix has a great selection of shows to inspire fashion lovers. Here are some of my favorite underrated shows on Netflix to inspire new looks.


This show follows the luxurious and secretive lives of students attending a prestigious private school in Spain. Their narratives are entwined with love, drama and a murder. The show is practically a reimagined Spanish version of “Gossip Girl.” While you’re being swept up in the characters’ personal drama, you’ll also fall in love with their preppy, high class looks. School uniforms by day and Euphoria-esque party clothes by night, these characters are on top of the fashion game in every scene. 


In a fictional version of post-WWII Hollywood, aspiring actors and filmmakers make life changing decisions to try and break into showbiz. With fan favorites (“Glee” star Darren Criss) and faces newer to the big screen (Broadway’s Jeremy Pope), this series is full of eye-catching characters and costumes. Just as the show draws on a reimagined version of Hollywood, the clothing is ‘50s fashion reinvented. Tea length dresses, Peter Pan collars and kitten heels take center stage as the show’s costume designers breathe new life into classic pieces. “Hollywood” is perfect for the vintage-lover looking for some fresh style inspiration.

Tiny Pretty Things

Calling all athleisure fans! This show is your dream. “Tiny Pretty Things,” a murder mystery based on a YA novel of the same name, is set at a dance academy in Chicago. Each character has an extensive dancewear wardrobe that is to die for. From leotards and lace to sweats and sneakers, this show serves some major athleisure looks.

The Politician

Starring Broadway star Ben Platt, “The Politician” explores the life of ambitious Payton Hobart as he navigates high school politics. This show has a plethora of power suits, bright colors and bold prints. With a bit of a vintage-inspired aesthetic, it serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to freshen up their business casual attire.

I Am Not Okay With This

Although the show takes place in modern times, “I Am Not Okay With This” is chock full of ‘70s and ‘80s pop culture references. The show is centered around angsty small-town girl Syd, who is navigating her new superpowers that are something straight out of an old sci-fi movie. Playing on an ‘80s style aesthetic, the show feels nostalgic in every way. From vintage varsity jackets to graphic tees and high waisted pants, the show seamlessly blends modern fashion with looks of the past. A must-watch for anyone obsessed with the looks from “Stranger Things.”

Accidentally in Love

After running away from her wedding, Chen Qing Qing poses as a college student and (accidentally) finds herself falling for her famous popstar classmate, Si Tu Feng. This hilarious show is addicting to watch. You’ll be drawn in by the students’ ridiculous drama as well as the amazing fashion. The series showcases some amazing Asian streetwear outfits, complete with effortlessly layered pieces, eye-catching pastels and graphic tees that you’ll want in your closet immediately. 

Whether you’re in a style slump or just looking to change up your look this spring, consider watching these shows to get some new fashion inspiration. 


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