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photo by: harry seremetis

editor’s playlist: sarah limas

Sarah Limas October 3, 2020

If you love making playlists for yourself and your friends as much as I do, you can understand how making a playlist that describes yourself can cause a bit of anxiety. You can tell a lot about a...

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Art by Allie DeVaelminck

5 Fall Fashion Trends made Affordable

Sarah Limas November 26, 2019

Suit Jackets According to Vogue, suit jackets have been on the come up in womenswear for several years. This fall would be the perfect time to jump in on the trend.  Suit jackets don’t have...

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Photography by Amelia Woodcock

5 Holy Grail Products to Fight Dry Skin This Winter

Sarah Limas November 19, 2019

The winter months ahead bring a lot of joy and celebrations, but the cold weather that comes with them can cause some serious issues for your skin.  Once the weather becomes cold, the humidity...

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Photography by Stephanie Nguyen

Going Downtown this Weekend? Try spooky makeup instead of a mask

Sarah Limas October 24, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and picking out the perfect costume can be a difficult process.  This holiday seems to sneak up on the best of us, leaving many people in a panic, making a...

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This image was taken from new york fashion week images

how to get Fashion Week Makeup on a college budget

Sarah Limas October 15, 2019

If you’ve been checking your Instagram feed the past couple of weeks then you’d know that Fashion Month has been flooding everyone’s feed for weeks. There have been some iconic makeup moments...

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Photographed by Cori Matlock

What’s hiding in your makeup bag?

Sarah Limas October 4, 2019

Makeup bags are essential for a girl on the go. Using a small bag to put all your daily cosmetic necessities in is a great way to prepare yourself in case you need to touch up your makeup away from...

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