Jaden Smith


Unique, humanistic even freaky or odd. To some people, Jaden Smith’s way of thinking might seem a little off the wall. However, there can be little denial that he has interesting points of view.

“My whole goal is to heal the entire planet,” Jaden said in an interview with Time magazine. “You can change the world for better or for worse. I want to heal the whole world like a superhero would do.” Of course, this is not a fight that can be waged all at once, and Jaden seems to be tackling world issues from an artistic standpoint first.

Recently, the actor gained fame after modeling for Louis Vuitton in what would traditionally be considered women’s clothing. Contributing to the increasingly popular androgynous style that has been making its mark on the fashion industry. In the ad, Smith was unapologetically wearing a skirt with his feet planted little more than shoulders width apart and his hands cupped at his sides as if to say, “bring it on world”. However, clothing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jaden claims he wants to disappear from the limelight altogether and help solve the world’s problems from afar. He cites ideas like bringing water to those who need it in Africa and free energy for all.

While the young Smith might think philanthropically and outside the box, the seed for this mentality was planted by his parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, who have spoken openly about raising their children to be free thinkers with big dreams.

Jaden seems to be doing his parents proud as he uses ordinary means to achieve extraordinary feats. If changing public perception about gender stereotypes is one of the young artist’s hobbies now, one can only imagine what he has in store for the future.


Jaden Smith Interview

New Man in a Skirt. Louis Vuitton

Jaden Smith Interview