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improving your fall make-up look

photo by k bodrock

It’s finally the fall season! Pumpkins, cute sweater and boot combinations are all of the things we’ve been waiting for. One of the most important fall need-to-knows is the makeup aspect of the season. You may already be knowledgeable about this part of the makeup process, but trying these tips will help to enhance your look. Whether it’s changing your foundation, concealer or eyeshadow palette the small changes can make a very noticeable difference. Pass this knowledge onto friends and family so we can all look our best this season.  

Foundation and Concealer 

In the fall and winter seasons, your exposure to the sun is lowered. Everyone’s skin tone changes, despite the amount of melanin that you have in your body. Foundation should match the tone of your skin because it is your second skin. It is important to have a makeup line that you’re committed to and comfortable with to be able to find the correct color for your skin. Cosmetic stores such as Ulta, MAC and Sephora will help you match foundation and concealer to your skin tone. 

“Your concealer should be compatible with your foundation. It should be no more than two shades lighter than your foundation,” said, hair image makeup beauty consultant. Light reveals and dark conceals, meaning it’s important to have this balance so that when wearing makeup your face doesn’t appear flat. This balance will highlight all of your best features. Full coverage foundation, a highly pigmented product which covers scars, pimples and dark spots, is helpful for those who want a more heavy-duty routine.

Eyeshadow Palettes 

When it comes to makeup and wardrobe, the two should compliment each other. In the cooler months we tend to wear darker colors and our eyeshadow colors should also change. For example, wearing more nude, brown, darker red and orange colors. Everything about your makeup routine changes when the season changes. The darker shadows and fall clothing compliment one another. Wearing a yellow or light green eyeshadow color with a dark colored fall outfit may not flow as well as a dark brown or red color would. Everything should work together to enhance your beauty. 


A key tip when it comes to fall makeup is making sure that your face is moisturized as possible. Proper moisturizing will help your foundation spread evenly across the face without it being patchy. In the summer months, your skin tends to produce more sebum, while in the fall/winter months the skin tends to be drier due to the changes in temperature. It’s best to know your skin type so you can assess your skin care needs. In the colder months, you may use a more intensive moisturizer or olive oil for a more natural approach; however, in the summer, you may use a hydrating mist or daytime moisturizer. You can learn about how you can assess your own skin care needs here.

Find What’s Best for You

From your favorite fall boots to the moisturizer you use, it’s truly important to make sure everything fits you best. When searching for makeup, be specific in what you’re looking for. Whether it’s vegan and cruelty-free makeup or full coverage foundation, there is something out there just for you. 


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