jack: kent’s newest up-and-coming drag queen


photo from @thegirlnamedjack on instagram, model: the girl named jack

The lights dim and the music turns on, out comes Jack, Kent’s newest drag queen ready to outperform all in her way. The Girl Named Jack, played by Jaevohn Bradley, is a sophomore fashion design student at Kent State University who got their start in Columbus, Ohio. 


The inspiration behind the name Jack was coined by the construct of gender. “I really liked the idea of having a hyperfeminine persona with a more masculine name, as for the name Jack specifically it just kinda came to me one day and I loved it,” Jack said. 

Drag has been a huge part of their life beginning at a very young age. They fell in love with the performance aspect and were fascinated by the beauty. 


“It first started when I was in seventh grade and I saw an episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ on YouTube, and from there on out I have been in love with drag,” Jack said. 


Performing evokes a lot of emotion for Jack, they become in touch with their inner self, “Drag for me is artistic expression, it’s a way to perform and exceed myself. It’s like the highest form of me that there is,” Jack said. 


Identity is a very important part of Jack; being a Black member of the LGBTQ+ community plays a huge role in their performances. “I feel like my Blackness and also Blackness in general plays a role in my drag because drag in its nature is very political. Drag often makes a statement, and for me my Blackness will always be a part of that statement,” they said. 


As they debuted in the drag scene, Jack’s performance ability made an impact on many of the queens they have met along the way. THEM, a fellow queen who Jack has performed alongside of, is a junior fashion design and merchandising major at Kent State. Seeing as the two have spent a lot of time together, THEM had nothing but great things to say about Jack.


“Jack is such a supportive and caring friend, and of course a killer performer with one of the best creative minds I have ever witnessed,” they said. 


THEM and Jack spend a lot of time together, getting ready for shows and perfecting their performances. When asked what their favorite of Jack’s performances was they said, “My favorite to date was their performance to FKA twigs’ ‘Glass and Patron.’ It was editorial, sexy and just so good.” 

Another queen that had positive reinforcements for Jack is Comatose the Clown. “I love the mystery of what they’re going to do next,” they said. “I love not knowing how hard they are going to go and challenging myself to figure it out.” A memorable performance of Jack’s for Comatose was their first performance, “I had no idea what they were capable of and they showcased their abilities QUICK that day.”


Jack has performed to many different genres but their top favorite is KPOP, as their favorite performance they have done was to a song by KPOP group Itzy. 


“My favorite drag performance so far would probably be the first performance I’ve done. It was a performance of ‘Mafia In the Morning’ by Itzy, and the energy and the experience was unforgettable for me. It’s what I use to make sure every other performance of mine is up to standard,” Jack said. 

Jack is not only known for their amazing performances and beautiful dancing, but their fashion is something that should be equally as admired. They love everything latex, sequin and glitter, their looks are not to be missed. An iconic look commonly sported by Jack is a mini dress worn with a corset over top, paired with over-the-knee boots. 


Jack’s arrival on the drag scene has made a loud statement, with their bold performances and eccentric fashion, they are not to be missed. See Jack for yourself Thursdays at College Night at Interbelt Night Club in Akron. 


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