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Hair Colors Through The Seasons

Courtesy of Unsplash Photographed by Gwendal Cottin

Mushroom brown, natural reds, bronde. We all know about fashion changing throughout the seasons, and so are hair color trends. With fall just passing and winter beginning, the weather is changing, and so are hair colors.


@miranda.humphrey We can all thank Hailey Bieber for dying her back brown. As always, do what you want with your hair. I just really wanted to use this audio for something lol #fallhairtrends #fallhair #mushroombrown #redhair #bronde #livedinblonde #fallfashion ♬ originalljud – RapContent


Darker colors, like ash brown, dark and cool toned blonde, reds and darker balyages are trending for this season. It’s no surprise cooler and darker tones make their way into fall and winter hair colors. As the weather becomes colder, days get shorter and darker, leaves begin to change, and we feel a sense of coziness. Our hair reflects these outside shifts.



But hair colors don’t change only for the fall and winter. We see more bleach blonde, lighter brunette, strawberry blonde and warmer toned hair during warmer months. 


Before we get too far into it, let’s talk about warm and cool tones. Warm tones highlight peach, yellow and golden undertones, while cool tones highlight pink, red and blue undertones.


There has to be a reason we feel the need to change hair color through the seasons. People like to keep their style  similar to the weather and outside world around them.

“When the weather changes, so does our mindset,” said Michelle Cleveland, hair stylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon in New Jersey, in an article for POPSUGAR. “When it’s warm, we think about light, bright colors and when it gets cold, we think dark, matte tones. This change helps most of us feel like we are transitioning our hair the same way we do our wardrobe. It’s really just about fashion.”


One of the most popular colors during the fall and winter time is red. From burgundy red tones to copper red, red hair trends almost every year. Jacimariesmith on TikTok said her theory for why red hair is trendy is because if you are already conventionally attractive, becoming a redhead makes you more attractive, and makes people stand out a little bit more because being a redhead is so rare.


“Fall is approaching and basically already here, and I feel like red hair is very trendy for fall time, pumpkin spice season, you know what I’m saying?” Smith said.



Fall and winter are all about embracing your natural hair color. During the summer, we think of bright and vibrant colors, changing our hair to such. Summer could be described as a “playful” season, making it a good time to try out styles like money pieces and different, more unnatural, hair colors. Trying out a light brown or a bleached blonde look feels acceptable in the summer. But as the temperature starts dropping and the days get darker, we fall back to our natural hair colors: more browns, dark colors, and toned down blondes to fit the season.


Finding the right hair color for you mainly comes down to your skin tone and finding the best color to accentuate your natural features. Warm skin tones look good with warm hair colors and cool skin tones look good with cool hair colors. Easy, isn’t it? Figuring out what undertone you are is not as challenging as you may think. You could do tests, put on some jewelry or simply look at your veins. 


Hair color is really just what you feel most comfortable in. You can follow the trends or keep your hair dark in the summer and light in the winter. There is no right way to change your hair for the seasons, it is all just fun trends to try and see if they work for you. Changing hair colors the way seasons change around us is about self expression; many options await you.

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