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photo: emma lammermeier

solo travel diaries: my time in berlin

Finora Reilly March 21, 2023

I have never been to a city like Berlin. I have never experienced a city like Berlin. Maybe it was the city itself, maybe it was because this was the first time I truly traveled on my own. I would like...

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photos by harris cheifetz, devin feeley and brooke fenenbock // model: madeleine craven

fitting in in florence

Devin Feeley March 14, 2023

The Renaissance fashion of Florence, Italy, in the 15th century encapsulated a restrictive and rigid style of dress for women including tight corsets, ornate jewelry and unrestrained layering. Layering...

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illustration by diana peterkoski

on the hunt: the vintage shops of florence

Mariah Alanskas February 17, 2023

Peppered throughout the winding streets of Florence lies stores filled with used, upcycled and vintage wares from one of Europe’s premier fashion capitals. Within these shops, a fashion lover’s oasis...

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garments and drawings by ossie clark and celia bartwell. // photo by abby friedman

visiting prato: europe’s largest textile center

Abby Friedman December 17, 2022

Italy is known for all things fashion, as it is the home of some of the biggest names and fashion houses. When you think of Italy, your mind might go straight to the glamorous side of fashion, but the...

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illustration by marina difranco

american living in florence: interview with professor patricia kinsella

Abby Friedman November 1, 2022

When studying abroad there are so many different aspects to look forward to during your time away. From the food to the culture, travel and fashion, there are various amazing opportunities to indulge in...

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an installation at the joods museum that showcases jewish families living in amsterdam post-war in the 1990s to the 2000s. // photo by abby friedman

exploring my heritage in the jewish quarters of amsterdam

Abby Friedman October 30, 2022

Religion was always a topic that seemed very complex to me growing up. My parents were from different religions; my mom was Catholic, and my dad was Jewish. I was always confused about what to tell people....

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photo by emma lammermeier // model: tasha weiler

staying true to your style while studying abroad

October 20, 2022

When studying abroad there are many different things that you will need to acclimate to: the food, the culture and the language barrier. One thing you may not consider when it comes to the changes in a...

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the fountain man // photo by emma lammermeier

everyday oddness: european street photography

Emma Lammermeier October 15, 2022

Street photography of everyday oddness in Berlin, Vienna, and Prague. Not staged in any way, but rather moments that were captured in a blink of an eye.  The Honeymoon  Vienna, Austria As I...

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illustration: sadie reda

the past, present and future of the ‘made in italy’ label

Kaylyn Wenzel April 21, 2022

The “Made in Italy” label is synonymous with products of the highest quality and authenticity. From the post World War II era, the country has gained international recognition for its fashion innovations...

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photo: karsten winegeart on unsplash

defining homesickness with dr. margaret runge

Kaylyn Wenzel March 25, 2022

Kent State University is rich in study abroad experiences. Fashion students are particularly fortunate to be able to choose from New York City, Florence, Paris, London, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea...

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photo: kai pilger on unsplash

your ultimate guide to style and sizing in florence, italy

Kaylyn Wenzel March 2, 2022

The city of Florence has been the muse of luxury brands and fashion retailers for years. In turn, shopping has always been an attraction. While taking a stroll down the Via Roma and the Piazza della Repubblica,...

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photo: kaylyn wenzel

your detailed guide on how to pack for a weekend away in italy

Julia Morehead February 9, 2022

While most Kent State students are seeking warmth and praying for canceled classes back in Ohio, the Italian study abroad program is in full swing. After exploring Florence for a few weeks, students...

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