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A Mag’s Guide to FOMO: New York City Edition

Art: Abby Wilson

Living in a city that never sleeps is for some a dream, but also a nightmare. With an endless stream of events happening all over the city, it is hard to make plans without sacrificing an event or two. FOMO or “the feeling of missing out” is a reaction that New Yorkers and tourists alike battle with in this ever-so-moving city.

Being a Student in the Big Apple

On top of trying to experience this fast-paced city, being a student adds another layer of tough decisions. Taliah Gardner, a Kent State junior fashion design student, shares her opinion on having “FOMO” while in New York. “Living in New York can make it challenging to balance social activities with schoolwork, especially when you see others on social media romanticizing their New York lifestyle. It makes me want to experience what they have, as I’m used to living in Kent, where things are less eventful. It is almost like a culture shock coming here.” Gardner reflects. She holds many of the same feelings as other students who study in New York.

Financial Strain

Time is not the only factor when it comes to deciding what to do in New York. With rent, transportation and food being extremely expensive in the city, financial strain can increase feelings of FOMO. According to 2023 NYC True Cost of Living Report, “50% of working age New Yorkers are struggling to cover their basic needs.” This leaves students trying to balance between enjoying the city and staying financially responsible on top of a “broke college student” budget.

Navigating Fashion Week

Occurring only twice a year, New York Fashion Week hosts exclusive, time-limited events. Designers and brands harness the potency of FOMO to leverage people’s emotions and market their gatherings as extraordinary and one-of-a-kind opportunities. Those unable to attend the shows find themselves watching from behind a computer screen, yearning to be part of the experience. As a student, it is a struggle to add volunteer hours on top of a busy work schedule of internships and school work.

How to Combat FOMO

Dealing with FOMO in New York City can be challenging, especially in a place that offers an endless amount of events and experiences. However, here are some tips to help manage FOMO in this bustling city.

1. Decide what is important to you
Before arriving, list all the activities you know you are passionate about and plan to attend those first. These activities should be given the most priority.

2. Embrace the present
Remind yourself to appreciate every moment and practice worrying less about the other events you might be missing, or about what other people are doing.

3. Limit social media
Knowing what everyone else is doing can increase your feelings of FOMO. Understand that people online only post what is exciting happening in their lives and you never truly know what goes on behind the scenes

4. Research Ahead of Time
Ask your teachers and locals what places and events they say are worth exploring. Plan out events ahead of time to work around your classes and make the most of your time by going to events and places that are recommended.

5. Accept feelings of FOMO
Fomo is a normal reaction when faced with many opportunities and ample time. Accept this feeling and remind yourself there is always more to experience in the future.

New York and FOMO often go hand in hand, given the city’s endless array of opportunities. It’s impossible to experience everything while living in the city. However, by adopting a day-by-day approach and discovering your personal interests, you can break free of FOMO’s grip and truly enjoy your time in New York City

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