How to Throw an Award Winning Party

It’s that time of the year again when we enjoy what some would call the most entertaining of all awards shows: the Oscars. What better way to celebrate than hosting a watch party with girlfriends? And sorry, but most of us are dying to snack on some fancy food, sip

Make America Think Again

There is much debate over whether or not protesting has any real effect on social change. Can you blame anyone? Walking for miles with picket signs and yelling until your lungs grow raspy does not seem like the most efficient way to get a point across. Plus, there are sometimes

ALLELES Design Studio Brings It’s Story to Kent

  The creators of the ALLELES Design Studio told students “You are not designing for your peers; you are designing for your client,” during the Alleles reception and lecture. On Feb. 17, 2017, McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, co-creators of the Alleles Design Studio, spoke at Kent State University. The event was

(dis)ABLED Beauty Speakers

Dr. Tameka Ellington and Dr. Stacey Lim, the creators of the (dis)ABLED Beauty exhibition at Kent State, have a message when it comes to their work. Since their exhibition of (dis)ABLED Beauty opened on July 29, 2016, Dr. Ellington, a fashion design professor at Kent State, and Dr. Lim, an audiology

Kent State: Sweet Tooth for Sugar Daddies

  College can be extremely stressful for a student, from the rigid class work and prolonged study hours to balancing a social and professional life, one can agree that the four-year process of receiving a degree is challenging. Arguably, the most stressful demand of college can be the financial needs involved. As

The Fashion Tech Hackathon

Between buckets of fabric samples, micro-sized bluetooth chips and tall cups of black coffee are the students and faculty behind Kent State’s Fashion Tech Hackathon. The annual all-nighter weekend of cohesion and wearable technology provided an opportunity for those to test their skills and push boundaries. The Fashion Tech Hackathon is

Battle of the Brands: Fitbit vs. Apple Watch

There’s a new rivalry in town. The Fitbit and the Apple Watch are pitted against each other in an unofficial competition to see which is the better smartwatch. Even though Fitbit refuses to be called so, it has all the qualities that a smartwatch does. The earlier models of the

What is Mindfulness Anyway?

“Mind this, mind that, become mindful.” Mindfulness has become the latest lifestyle craze, but what on earth does being mindful truly mean? In some context, it means making healthy choices or smart consumer purchases, while in other, it determines how to interact with yourself and others. Mindfulness is everywhere, and maybe

How to Be a Total #Bossbabe This Semester

If your first semester goals didn’t quite turn out how you planned, fear no more. With 2017 upon us, let’s all promise ourselves that this year will be our year. Many of us declare new year’s resolutions that improve our well-being, but those vows sometimes require a little extra inspiration

The Uprising of Heroin Usage

Why it’s more dangerous now than ever A thin tire screeches to a halt on the esplanade outside of the Student Center. Noticing a flyer saying something about “chalking the K,” a young man hops off of his bike. Realizing that the chalk sitting around the Risman Plaza is meant