The Sociological Influence on Fashion

Most college students in contemporary society solely focus on budgets, convenience and personal style when it comes to fashion; however, most people don’t realize the actual meaning and focus of fashion. A Magazine has found that fashion is a means of conformity, as an expression of individuality, and as a

The Hybrid Cultural Costumes: International Talent and Fashion Show

The Office of International Student Affairs and International Student Council hosted their first International Talent and Fashion Show on the night of March 17 at the Kent Student Center Ballroom. International students participated in the event by showcasing fashion on the runway and performing traditional dancing. Paige Pinijkuldee, a sophomore fashion merchandising

More Than One Love

The door beeps, and a woman enters. She scans the shelves of accessories looking for something specific. Approaching the counter, she asks about thin leather bracelets for her husband. Tim Huth, One Love Yoga & Boutique owner, replies that they are sold out, and he picks up their display rack

The Reality of Relationships

Those who have lived through previous generations know that despite all of our efforts, or lack thereof, the reality of relationships has drastically changed. Some may say this change is for the better, whereas others argue it caused issues within society’s ability to problem solve. Instead of solving differences face to

How to Throw an Award Winning Party

It’s that time of the year again when we enjoy what some would call the most entertaining of all awards shows: the Oscars. What better way to celebrate than hosting a watch party with girlfriends? And sorry, but most of us are dying to snack on some fancy food, sip