5 romantic gifts to share with your partner this holiday season


art: shelly dean

If you’re in a rush to find the perfect gift for your S.O. that will help you get it on, congrats! You found the perfect short list of sexy gifts that aren’t just sex toys that are both practical and inspire love to bloom at any time of day. 

You may be looking for the perfect Christmas gift, but these are also ideal for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Krampus Night – the list goes on. Check out the full list below and let us know if you have any favorites that really set the mood for your season. Always remember – wear protection and if you’re playing with food, check the temp before putting it on your nipples… 

1. Massage oils and candles

Candles are always sexy and set the mood well, but what if your candle could literally be incorporated into your sex life? Massage candles melt into oils you can use to achieve even more intimacy. My favorite brand is Earthly Body who has small candles in scents and flavors cherry, vanilla, peach, peppermint chocolate and more. Each candle is $15.99. You can also grab other brands on Amazon for $15 to $20. If you don’t trust your S.O. with fire, no worries, and I get it. You can go straight to bottled massage oils to get real sexy and relaxed without having to go to your local salon for a neck rub.

2. Mini lamp

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to buy your partner desk supplies. Small lamps near your bedside are the perfect thing to set the mood without keeping your iridescent light bulbs on or fumbling in the dark. There is nothing sexier than a good lava lamp to make you feel groovy, a Himalayan salt lamp to make you feel centered or a moon light for an out-of-this-world sex experience. Trust me, I can speak from personal experience, THIS is a true mood setter.

3. Baking subscription

Having a set activity to do with your S.O. is always really nice, especially because we are all at home during the pandemic. Making a dessert together doesn’t only result in an amazing end product, but baking also releases endorphins. And chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so you can score two treats in one day if you catch my drift. Some amazing baking subscriptions and cost effective choices include Whisk Takers, Bake Eat Love and Red Velvet NYC.

4. Fondue

Here I am again, urging you to eat chocolate. It’s true, it’s a real mood booster! Melt your favorite type of chocolate (you better not say white chocolate) into your fondue pot and use the tiny sticks to dip in strawberries, pretzels, a toe if you’re into it. Pair with champagne if you’d like and you have a fun activity with minimal cleanup to put you in the mood. You can find your own fondue set here.

5. Drinking game 

Ah, drinking. It’s always an activity I love and it does make me a very huggy lady. If you’re stuck at home with your partner and you want to try some new drinks together and make it fun, try games like Drinko, Shot Glass Roulette, Wine Pong, mini corn hole and other games. The spirit of competition can be a turn-on, and your favorite drink can lift your spirits as well. (Please drink responsibly).