spring/summer 2022 trends: takeaway from fashion month


Photo by Amanda Bailey

Wearing the same old mundane looks throughout the pandemic has made every fashion lover long for new and exciting pieces to incorporate into their wardrobe. With designers unveiling their spring/summer collections these past few weeks, the desire to follow the upcoming trends has been reignited. Let’s take a deep dive into the trends that are soon to be everywhere in the spring and summer of 2022.

Exposed Undergarments

The thought of going out in public in a revealing outfit daunts most of us, but naked fashion is rapidly making its way to the fashion industry. Before you know it, wearing a bra as a top or having underwear peeking through your clothes will be totally acceptable. Not only will it be encouraged, but visible undergarments will become an accessory to your outfit. Christian Siriano did not hesitate to bare it all during New York Fashion Week by displaying completely sheer pieces that highlighted the intimate apparel underneath. Exposed lingerie will no longer be seen as trashy but will be considered classy and chic.


Crazed Cutouts

Basic tops will no longer “cut” it for fashion enthusiasts. Consumers are on the hunt for eye-catching statement pieces that will completely transform the vibe of their ensemble. Thankfully, bold cutouts are here to save the day. Cutting funky curvilinear shapes into garments will elevate any outfit. Stella McCartney’s Spring 2022 collection executes the extreme cut-out technique perfectly with the abstract designs exposing the midriff and shoulder.


Mini Skirts

Earlier this year we saw the maxi skirt take center stage, but all eyes are now on the mini skirt thanks to Miuccia Prada, the creative director of Miu Miu. Prada took the term mini skirt to new heights when she presented micro-mini skirts during Paris Fashion Week. I am talking about a skirt so miniscule that you will be wondering where the rest of it is. Obviously Miu Miu’s skirts are not very practical, but the daring looks had viewers excited to wear tiny skirts in the future warmer seasons.



The idea of low-rise is a controversial topic that has divided the fashion world for quite some time, but low-rise bottoms are making the ultimate comeback. Y2K fashion has been coming back in style, and low-rise pants are no exception. Designers like Victor Glemaud and David Koma proved to the world that low-rise is the new high-rise when they showcased their ultra-low-rise pants during New York and London Fashion Week. Don’tpanic and throw out your favorite pair of mom jeans, but be prepared for the inevitable return of the low-rise trend.



Bright sky blue seemed to be the “it” color this fashion month with brands like Balenciaga, Botter, Luisa Spagnoli and many others including the electric hue into their S/S 2022 collections. The runways were invaded with an almost neon-like blue, and I am not complaining. Blue is known to signify healing and release “feelings of tranquility.” After everything we have been through this past year, bright sky blue is the perfect color to represent the better times ahead.


These trends are soon to take over the fashion industry, but which one are you most looking forward to?

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