How Moms Can Influence Personal Style


Mom Knows Best

For many, a mom is our biggest fan, our support system and our biggest critic. It may not be Mother’s Day, but let’s take a second to imagine where we would be without our special person.

When it comes to fashion, our mothers were the first people to influence our taste.

She’s the best friend who tells us to put a slip on when our skirts are see-through. She’s also our enemy when she tells us to change our outfits. But behind every “you’re not leaving the house dressed like that” is a wise woman trying to prevent a fashion faux pas.

Moms act as the prime example for us, whether we want to mimic or avoid their look. Some of us love the classic looks our mothers model, while others can’t stand the thought of leaving the house in mom style sweats.

“I grew up with my mom being very fashionable, so I just took over her interest in it,”  senior fashion merchandising major Emily Kinnick said. “She’s always dressed to the nines, so I just always really liked her style.”

We may not always agree when it comes to outfits, makeup, accessories or how we do our hair, but our moms really just want what’s best for us.

Let’s give a thank you to our own moms, adoptive moms, our friends’ moms and any other woman who is responsible for encouraging and paving the way for us. They are truly the ultimate role model.


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    Photos By: Anastasiya Akhundova