body inclusivity – you are right


photo: kami rowe // models: sarah hershman, micaela rinehart, emerald watson, sarah wrobleski and courtnie cheshire

My goal as a photographer has always been to empower and embolden anyone who steps in front of my camera. But every time I reach out to people for photo projects, I have often been met with resistance — not because people don’t want to be photographed, but because they don’t think they look “right.”

I’ve heard every excuse.

“I’ll model for you as soon as I lose a few pounds.”

“Will you touch up my face/arms/stomach?”

“My skin isn’t the best for photos.”

“I want to hire you, but I need to get back in shape first.” 

We have been exposed to unattainable expectations of what our bodies should look like from childhood. From how clear our skin should be to the unacceptable presence of stretch marks. And no matter how many celebrities tell us that “all bodies are beautiful,” the airbrushed narrative persists.

We are strong and creative and powerful. We are worth more than our image alone, and we deserve the representation we have been denied.

This project was my way of taking control of the conversation and sticking it to the standards we hold ourselves to, the expectations we place on ourselves and each other and the love we have lost for the skin that has grown with us from the beginning of our lives. This is one small step toward the normalization of normal bodies.

Whatever you are — thick, petite, strong, curvy, bald, scarred, dimpled, tattooed or short — you are right.

You are right.

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  • photo: kami rowe // models: sarah hershman, emerald watson, micaela rinehart, courtnie cheshire and sarah wrobleski

  • photo: kami rowe // model: sarah wrobleski

  • photo: kami rowe // model: micaela rinehart

  • photo: kami rowe // model: emerald watson

  • photo: kami rowe // model: deli irizarry

  • photo: kami rowe // model: alexis barry

  • photo: kami rowe // model: genna hailey

  • photo: kami rowe // models: genna hailey, rachel pilat, deli irizarry and alexis barry

  • photo: kami rowe // models: sarah hershman, micaela rinehart, emerald watson, sarah wrobleski and courtnie cheshire

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