how to express yourself through accessories


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Skyler Lindley and Brienne Guyeska pride themselves in their ability to express how they feel through their accessories. With both students being a part of Kent State’s School of Fashion, they see new fashion trends firsthand and can add personality to their looks.


Accessories have been on the rise in the fashion industry for a few years now. Jewelry, sunglasses, bags and other items have been introduced to society by celebrities and influencers. Because accessories are not a new fashion trend, people have had time to test out the waters and figure out what accessories make them feel themselves. 


“I think that accessories are the most important part of every outfit,” freshman fashion merchandising major Brienne Guyeska said. “They’re the thing that brings an outfit together, and it’s what you can use to best express what you want to say through your outfit.” 


Guyeska feels that her choice of accessories makes her outfit unique and allows her to feel authentic through her fashion choices. Her favorite accessories include chunky rings and thick chains. She doesn’t feel complete without accessorizing with jewelry because she loves to add personality to her looks. 


“My favorite part about accessories is that they are always the finishing touches, and when you put them on, your outfit actually feels put together,” Guyeska said. 


Guyeska gets most of her jewelry and accessories from small shops. She recommends shopping at smaller businesses because they have more unique items and broader options. 


For freshman fashion design major Skyler Lindley, accessorizing is about adding more detail to their outfits. He likes to color coordinate eye makeup and jewelry with a simpler outfit to draw more attention to his accessories. 


“I think accessories can really make or break an outfit,” Lindley said. “I’m usually wearing more basic clothing, so accessorizing is an easy way to make a boring outfit more interesting.” 


Accessories are also a great way to add versatility and creativity to outfits. They can allow the wearer to change the vibe of an article of clothing so it can be worn more than once or for more than one event. Lindley uses this by choosing bolder accessories for more exciting events and simpler ones for less impactful days. 


“More simple accessories can add a bit of cohesion to a look and really tie it all together, while you can just as easily wear more bold and unique accessories and make them the focal point of your outfit,” Lindley said. 


Outfits without accessories are like an unfinished canvas. Whether you’re adding a pair of sunglasses, some new jewelry or a statement bag to your look, you can paint your canvas however you like.


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