5 fall fashion trends to spice up your wardrobe


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With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what trends will be circulating in stores this upcoming season. Here are some that you should be looking out for. 


1) Bows on Bows on Bows

Bows are making a comeback — not in the colorful tween hair bows kind of way, but in a sophisticated “it-girl” kind of way. This stand-out trend has been shaking up the fashion community. Bows mainly in the black and white color scheme add a feminine flare to the fall look. This creates a super chic look that exudes elegance and grace. Bows are being incorporated to take up the bodices of dresses and the look is absolutely stunning. The oversized bows on the bodices of these dresses are avant-garde, yet polished at the same time. Bows are also seen in accessories, such as heels and hair clips. Rhinestone embellishments and satin fabrics accompany this trend bringing it to the next level. Brands like Par Violet and Zara are adopting this trend. Its Parisian influence is apparent. The aesthetic of bows is feminine, yet proper. Influencers such as Hannah Harrell, a TikToker known for her styling videos, have been seen wearing outfits that fit this aesthetic. 


What to Buy

Bow Heels 

These heels are an exact dupe for the Mach & Mach shoes. I own these shoes and they are absolutely stunning in person. They emulate this trend perfectly and give off a classy, but glamorous look that will be bound to elicit compliments. 

Bow Bodice Dress

This Zara dress is stunning with its black and white color-block detailing. The striking contrast of colors is a guaranteed head-turner. With the bow taking up most of the bodice, it radiates femininity and class. 


2) Brights over Neutrals 

Instead of fall’s usual browns and neutrals, brands are opting for brighter colors that will stand out. Hot pinks and lime greens are all the rage at the moment, and it is so refreshing to see these colors instead of the neutrals that have been dominating the market. This trend is on the opposite side of the color spectrum from previous seasons, showing how trends can shift drastically from one year to the next. Bright colors do not just have to be limited to the summer season and can make their way into cooler temperatures. Sweaters and blazers are being seen in more brilliant colors, which can add fun pops of color to your fall wardrobe. This trend is fun and whimsical, which can make the end of summer seem less saddening. These colors are sure to brighten the mood.


What To Buy

Lime suit set top &Lime suit set skirt

This lime-colored suit set is a unique outfit to add to your fall wardrobe. The bright green is not only a fun color, but the blazer and skirt combination is another fall trend that is popular at the moment. Suit-inspired sets are gaining popularity and bring a sense of formality to the fall season. 

Hot pink sweater: 

Hot pink is another standout color for the fall season, and it can be styled in so many different ways. This pink sweater would pair perfectly with black jeans and black booties. The hot pink will pop against the black and make it the focus of the outfit. This sweater would also look amazing with a pair of leather pants. The combination of the leather against the hot pink will create a chic fall look. 


3) Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are making a return this fall and there are so many brands that are jumping on this trend. This trend comes from the early 2000s, proving that trends will recycle themselves over time. It is apparent this time period has had a major influence on trends these last couple of years, considering the variety of clothing items that have made a reappearance that are dubbed a “Y2K” trend. Cargo pants are paired with corset tops, creating the ultimate “cool girl” vibe. Most of these cargo pants are low-rise, which is surprisingly also making a comeback this season. Cargo pants are on the grungier side of fashion, but when they are paired with lace corsets, the two meet somewhere in the middle to create a really stylish look. Cargo pants are also being paired with sneakers, perhaps a pair of Nike Dunk Lows, which can elevate the look even more. 


What to Buy 

Motel Rocks Pants

These pants are a great alternative to jeans or sweatpants because they are sort of an in-between the two. They are not quite as casual as sweatpants, but they are not as dressy as jeans. They are also relatively comfortable and easy to move around in. The versatility of these pants is what makes them so appealing. Style them with a hoodie for a more comfy-casual look or with a high-neck tank top for a chic and stylish look. 


4) Denim on Denim: 

It seems as if Y2K trends are not going away, and with that being said, denim on denim is becoming acceptable again. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic denim on denim look might have seemed like a lot back then, but today it can serve as style inspiration. Brands are opting for two-piece sets that are all denim. Think denim corset tops with denim skirts, and denim vests with denim flare jeans. Not only do these looks scream the early 2000s, but they also give off a Western vibe. Often styled with cowboy boots, these sets are essential for this fall season. 


What to Buy

Denim Vest & Low Rise Flare Jeans

This set is something that will turn heads for sure. The vest features a collar and front zipper closure. It features darker wash denim, which is different from the past year’s trends, as light-wash denim seemed to be the main seller in stores. The jeans have these adorable pockets on them that add so much character to the pants. Once again, low-rise is featured on another pair of pants, which reinforces the popularity of low-rise pants for this season. In addition to these two-piece denim sets, jean jackets are starting to be worn with jeans, which creates a “Canadian Tuxedo.” An outfit with those two components can look really put-together because of the monochrome effect. These two items are closet staples, so this outfit should be super easy to style. 



5) Satin button-ups 

The classic button-up shirt has been on the rise for the past year or so, and this trend is at an all-time high at the moment. Satin is overtaking this trend, as these shiny tops can be styled in so many different combinations. A satin button-up can look so stylish with a simple pair of jeans and it does not take much effort to create an outfit around them. The shirt can be worn in so many different ways: open, buttoned, open, tucked in on one side or tied in a knot. The list goes on and on. The best thing to do is play around with the shirt and see how you like it styled. Each shirt will fit a little differently, so you might like one method of styling over the other depending on how the shirt fits. 


What to Buy

Zara Button-Up

This Zara top is so perfect because it comes in a large variety of colors. They range from bright colors to more muted ones, so you can take your pick. These tops are great layering pieces and can be layered over tank tops, bodysuits and dresses. Over the summer, button-ups were seen as a layering piece over bikinis, but now that fall is around the corner, button-ups can be worn to keep warm from the dropping temperatures. 

Urban Outfitters Button-Up Top

This button-up is a little different from a classic button-up because it only buttons at one spot on the shirt, it’s cropped and it’s more tailored than a traditional button-up. This top is more of a button-up-inspired shirt, but it is still very on-trend. It is a nice alternative if button-ups are not exactly your style but you want to hop on the bandwagon. 


Overall, these trends are must-haves for the upcoming fall season and they will bring new life to your wardrobe. As these recycled trends are given their own modern take, the original aspects of the trends that made them go mainstream to begin with remain intact. With that in mind, it’s time to pack away the summer clothes and grab that credit card because these fall fashion trends are worth shopping for.


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