french fashion house chloé champions sustainability


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Many big corporations try their best to adhere to the increasing need to be ethical, yet in doing so, many of them make empty claims and could be accused of greenwashing. One brand that is making significant strides to back its promises in the sustainability movement is Chloé.


The luxury fashion brand is making notable efforts to become more sustainable. What truly sets it apart from other brands is its conscious efforts to have women at the forefront of this movement.


On its website, the brand talks in-depth about the efforts it is making to go green. “Women Forward. For a fairer future” is the brand’s mission statement. 


The brand first highlights its manifesto, which honors the legacy of its founder Gaby Aghion, “Her forward vision of femininity continues to inspire our long-term commitment to uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities, and promote inclusivity. Our goal: creating beautiful products with meaningful impact for people and for the planet.”


The brand acknowledges the fact that its eco-friendly plans are ambitious and cannot happen overnight, yet it is still making small efforts that will ultimately lead to a bigger impact. In the end, the brand’s goal is to be sustainable on every level, starting from the supply chain and extending all the way to community outreach. 


Chloé is B Corp certified as of October 2021, which is a certification that evaluates brands’ social and environmental impact while looking at a number of different factors such as transparency, accountability and performance. 


Across the brand, there are many environmentally low-impact products. From bags to shoes to clothes, there are many garments sold online and in-store made from ethically sourced materials. By 2025, the brand’s goal is to use 90% lower impact materials and have 30% of its sourcing be a fair trade for all categories.


A unique factor about Chloé is that it acknowledges the fact that it is committed to transparency and accountability. Many of the brand’s competitors rarely follow up on the ethical promises they make, but Chloé says it is committed to being honest.


Chloé is also extremely committed to diversity and inclusion within sustainability. The brand hires diverse talent and abstains from “skin lightening, hair straightening, and removing braids” for all of its models. It also fights for gender equality, as the brand says it has a commitment to “uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities, and promote inclusivity.”


Overall, Chloé is making strides to be sustainable on all levels. Sustainability not only refers to the environment, but also to the treatment of workers and the prioritization of diversity and inclusion, and Chloé is a brand to watch that is making attempts in all areas.

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