‘whering’ the future: using ai to dress


illustration by grace carmen

Have you ever felt the anxiety of waking up in the morning and not knowing what to wear, despite having a closet full of clothes? Well, you are not alone.


Fashion is a form of self-expression, it communicates to other people what we value and is also a part of who we are. Therefore, the anxiety of not being able to present yourself in the way you intend is completely understandable. 


This is a common fear that frequently results in people believing that they need to buy more clothes. However, in most cases, everything you need to create different outfits is hidden somewhere inside your closet. That is where Whering comes in.


Whering is an app that helps you create a virtual wardrobe to keep track of what you have, plan outfits for the week, play dress-up with your clothes and shop sustainably all using AI.

The idea consists of the user snapping pictures of their entire wardrobe, then the app crops the background and adds it to their virtual closet. From personal experience, seeing your clothes displayed virtually, similar to a store’s website, can  help remind you why you have them in the first place. 


Once you have uploaded some clothes, you can experiment with the “Dress Me” function, or try out a blank canvas to build looks. The AI used by the app is trained to automatically identify and categorize your items so you can easily search and find them. These features aim to make it easier to think of new combinations without making a mess in your closet and to help reduce the urge to constantly buy new clothes. 


Fast fashion trends coupled with the fear of missing out pressure people to wear what is trendy which often leads to a disposable closet that is fit for a specific moment. However, reflecting on what you already have can help you to develop a more unique and sustainable personal style. 


Whering also allows users to browse and shop for clothes while simultaneously being able to pair that piece with existing items in their wardrobe, ensuring that the purchase will be a beneficial one. Aside from being sustainable, it is a smart way to shop because you won’t end up with a cute top and nothing to style it with. 


There is also a function inside the app dedicated to planning outfits for trips. Everyone knows how stressful packing for a trip can be, for fear of missing something or ending up with random pieces that create uncoordinated looks. Kent State junior Letícia de Souza Garlet discussed her experience with Whering and how it was useful to her. 


“It helps me to organize my outfits before going out and makes choosing something to wear easier,” Garlet said. “I think that the best part of this app is how it can be used by everyone. The simplicity of uploading your clothes is inclusive, however, the shopping section is focused towards younger women.”


Relating to practicality, Garlet said, “Even if you are too lazy to take pictures of all your clothes, the app will recommend options that are similar to your style, so I would definitely recommend downloading it.”


If interested in trying the app out for yourself, click here to download Whering.

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