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The beauty of fashion is that it’s one of the few daily staples in which every person can relate to. It’s something that we think about constantly, widely due to its widespread reach on social media, making it content we endlessly absorb. But not all of us know where all these thoughts and trends are coming from. On platforms such as YouTube, there are influencers that have a knowledge in fashion who are willing to share to their audience that are interested. Furthermore, a few fashion majors from Kent State University have also spoken out their interest in these Youtubers. Below, A Magazine has compiled a list of highly recommended fashion-based Youtubers to watch.



ModernGurlz was created by Life According to Tessa in 2020. Even though she keeps her private life relatively hidden on social media, her knowledge on fashion is unquestionably visible to the public. On her YouTube channel, Tessa discusses topics such as pop culture, the rise and fall of trends and opinionated fashion analysis on movies and TV shows. Maya Hadas, a Kent State fashion design major, found ModernGurlz on her YouTube recommended page and now recommends other fashion lovers check out the channel. 


“I think what makes [ModernGurlz] so appealing is the research and analysis behind the fashion in popular movies and shows,” Hadas said. “I definitely recommend the channel to others interested in fashion, especially costume design as a lot of her channel will discuss the reasoning behind each fashion choice.”


Laini Ozark 

Laini Ozark started her YouTube channel back in 2019 with her first video talking about her  2019 lookbook. Ever since then, her channel has expanded more into the depths of fashion. Like many other fashion influencers, from time to time she’ll post thrift hauls or trend predictions, but what makes her so different is that she speaks from her own mind, not caring what her audience may think. 


She creates videos titled “why i love gatekeeping fashion”, “MY 2023 trend predictions” and “when did knock-offs become dupes?” in order to discuss the mental and physical effects on society because of the current pop culture. She creates an “older sister” aura that makes her audience dive in deeper into the situation and helps create a conversation on those sensitive topics on fashion. 



Fashion forecasting in the comfort of your own home… sounds like a dream. MAIAZINE was started by Maia G.V. , a YouTuber and digital artist working under Freelance for social media editing and graphic designer. She created her YouTube channel with the idea in mind of creating a digital fashion magazine for Gen Z. On the MAIAZINE Instagram page, she discussed that the page features fashion inspirations, interviews with people around New York (mostly fashion related majors), fashion journalism and the feelings behind the clothes. 


Mina Le

Mina Le is a social media influencer based in New York City, who is working under IMG Models. She started posting on YouTube back in 2020 with her video, “Why Atonement (2007) deserved an Oscar for Costume Design”, breaking down the main costumes used in the movie. As she continues making videos on YouTube, she still creates videos about costume design, along with media, culture and the fashion industry. Even though she brings up her own honest opinions into her videos to give it depth, she doesn’t overwhelm her content with it. Instead, Le allows the history of the event to tell the story. What really draws in the audience is her calming voice and relaxed background setting which allows people to feel comfortable with her. 


“One of the main reasons that I enjoy watching Mina Le’s content is how open and honest she is with her opinion,” fashion design student Allison Connet said. “Her excitement about the latest trending fashion topics has always encouraged me to continue learning about fashion. In particular, her educational content is my most favorite thing to listen to while I do my morning routine as I get to learn about the latest drops or the history of vintage fashion trends. Her knowledge is vast and truly inspirational as a fashion student and designer.” 



For those who are interested in history, understitch uploads videos almost weekly about our favorite luxury brands. This channel goes into a deep dive into the designers-to-be and their stories which impacted the creation of those famous brands. Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Dior and Gentle Monster are some examples of brands that understitch has already discussed on YouTube. They further analyze the business side of fashion: how they rose to popularity, how the brands market themselves and why some are succeeding or failing to satisfy consumers’ needs. This channel is mostly fact-based when it comes to their videos and the creators are cautious with the predictions they make, making sure that those future business trends are based off of what the brand was previously or is currently doing.   


George Hollins

George Hollins is a fashion designer based from the U.K. He studied fashion design for four years and is currently working with “affordable brands, contemporary designers and British heritage labels”, but his passion for fashion doesn’t stop there. He created his YouTube channel back in 2020 and his first video was uploaded in November 2020, reacting to Twice’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video and analyzing the group’s outfits. Ever since then, he got more into K-pop, especially K-pop fashion, and started using his platform to talk about the garments worn in K-pop music videos, Korean airport fashion, red carpet events and recently, fashion weeks.  


Most of Hollins’ videos are opinion-based analyses, but there’s no denying that his fashion IQ is undeniably high. The audience doesn’t only get a sense of women’s fashion, but also men’s as well. There are not many YouTube channels that discuss men’s fashion in detail, but with Hollins’ opinions on the fashionable K-pop industry, he surely is opening up new views in the women-dominated fashion industry. 


The Business of Fashion  

BOF is known to be an online publication that focuses on the fashion industry as a whole. Articles may be centered around subjects like fashion week, sustainability, fashion marketing, fashion show reviews and business scandals to name a few. With that, BOF became highly recommended by various fashion professors here at Kent State University for the latest fashion news. Unfortunately, not everyone could get access to the site without paying a subscription, but people tend to forget that BOF has its own YouTube channel. Even though the channel doesn’t update regularly for daily news trends, BOF still uploads videos that are still relevant to the fashion industry. 

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