Raiding your older sister’s closet has always been the cool thing to do. Who thought that the day would come when it’s cool to raid your dad’s closet?

One of WGSN’s most posted-about trends for this upcoming fall is “Dadcore.” Balenciaga’s 2018 men’s spring collection set the stage for it to unravel, and it has been becoming more popular ever since.

It combines gender-neutral articles of clothing with the old-fashioned, but out-of-style vibes, that the stereotypical dad would wear.

This trend involves 90s colors and patterns, baggy jeans, neutral-colored tennis shoes with chunky soles, slouchy sweaters, fanny packs and waterproof windbreakers. None of these elements seem fashionable, but that’s one of the main points of this trend.

It’s literally a trend where you’re supposed to look comfortable, casual, practical and carefree/like a dad.

This trend is also considered gender-neutral. The gender-neutral style is trending in the millennial world (such as with athleisure and mom trends), and looser, boxy clothing is found in the women’s sections of stores than in recent years.

A Magazine has a few quick ways to achieve this look—minus the dad jokes.

Honestly, raid your dad or grandpa’s closet. Search for a loose, chunky sweater, windbreaker or washed-out color block tee, and pair it with some thick-soled New Balance sneakers or fanny pack. Bland, monochromatic colors and mundane stripes are good choices.

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Another great tip is to check the thrift store. All those old boxy short-sleeved button-ups and poorly-fitting pocket tees men donated to Goodwill after cleaning out their closets can certainly do the trick. The worse-fitting it is, the better it is for this trend.

Other key items to look for are loose, high-waisted jeans (no holes in the knees, though), loose trousers, white crew or ankle socks that show above the tennis shoes and simple, cheap belts. These components play into how simple and carefree dads are and how little effort they sometimes put into outfits.

Tucking the short-sleeved button-ups or pocket tees into those loose jeans or trousers is another key component of the trend—a traditional dad always has his shirt tucked in.

Dads do seem to wear clothing until it wears out, and the slightly worn in (but still clean) look from previously owned clothing helps to achieve true dad style.

Thrift stores are also an easy way to find cheap 90s fanny packs, solid-colored windbreakers, and New Balance sneakers from they were in style.

If you’re adding lots of accessories, wearing complex patterns, or trying really hard to make the outfit perfect, you’re doing it wrong.

Keep in mind that dads like to wear clothing that is simple, functional, and comfortable. It seems too easy to be true, but more people should be thankful for how easy it is to create and how affordable it can be.

So, the next time you can’t find anything to wear, browse through your dad’s clothes and all the old gems he hasn’t brought out in years.