nyc streetwear meets tiktok


Illustration by Marina DiFranco

If you’re interested in fashion and use TikTok, chances are you’ve seen the countless videos of New York City street fashion photography. The videos feature photography of New Yorkers trekking across the city in only the most iconic and put-together ensembles. The most well-known ones are produced by Johnny Cirillo, aka @watchingnewyork on TikTok and Instagram. Cirillo told Vogue that he started photographing street fashion to honor his role model Bill Cunningham. From that day on, Cirillo started making his own spot in history. 

On occasion, Cirillo records his subjects for a fit check. The average person with great taste explains where their outfit and accessories are from, and every single one is unique. Every subject offers an individual and creative take on the most basic or the most bizarre pieces you can think of.

Thanks to Cirillo’s photography, it is becoming easier for everyday people to see small trends become mainstream and even take inspiration from these New York trendsetters themselves. Who knew Cowboy boots were for the NYC streets and not just for the rodeo?

Cirillo’s as well as other NYC-based TikToks capture the creativity and influence that social media has on fashion. ‘What I wear in a day’ and ‘get ready with me’ videos have risen to the top of cultural aesthetic for fashion on TikTok. It seems that nearly every fashion student in NYC is getting ready and taking their followers along for the ride. The ensembles are usually anything but basic including tons of layering and accessories, giving the outfits depth and contrast.

The photography is candid, but it looks as though these New Yorkers know they are walking a high fashion runway show and the fashion industry is living for it. 

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