Spring Trends to Watch For


With spring just around the corner, we’re all eager to dive into new styles for the season. In Kent, Ohio though, that can be hard to do this time of year. Transitional dressing from season to season is challenging, but with the right mix of light layers, pops of colors and updates to your beauty routine, it’s possible to feel fresh for the new season, even in Kent.

A Magazine stylist Sabrina Niedbalski says layering is key this time of year. She says it’s easy to make spring dresses work when it’s still chilly out by throwing a sweater over top, “almost turning the dress into a skirt,” she explains. Or, if you want to show off the entire dress, she says suggests layering a long sleeve t-shirt underneath instead.

Niedbalski says layering a long sleeve t-shirt underneath can also work well with T-shirts and tank tops. “This is especially cute with slip style tanks,” she says.

Jackets and cardigans are also perfect for layering this time of year. Niedbalski says her denim jacket and chunky grey cardigan are her go-to’s, as they’re “easy to throw on and off, and sometimes that extra element completes the look.”

Another way to ease into spring is as simple as wearing the colors of the season. We all know lighter, and brighter colors are what we gravitate toward when the weather warms up, but Pantone has predicted a few colors that are expected to be especially big this year.

They predicted soft pinks and lavenders as well as cherry reds and even a punchy lime shade. All were spotted on the runways in spring-summer 2018 shows.

Niedbalski suggests pairing the soft pinks and lavenders with light washed denim or other pastels. Pastels are always a go-to for spring, so there’s really no way to go wrong with them.

When it comes to styling the bolder colors like reds and greens, Niedbalski suggests “pairing them with gingham or other patterned garments.” She predicts cherry patterns to be big for spring, so this could be a good option when looking for a pattern to pair with a bright pop of color. She also likes cherry earrings to accessories for spring.

She says accessories are the perfect way to add a “spring factor” to any look, even when the weather still calls for a warmer outfit. She suggests berets, neck scarves and tiny sunglasses.

Thinner sunglasses, especially those with a cat eye shape, have been seen on many models and celebrities in recent months, so the trend seems to be one that will stick around.

Once the outfit and accessories are updated, it’s time to look to your beauty routine. This is a great way to begin to transition into a more spring-like look even if the weather isn’t quite here yet. Paul Mitchell student Madeleine Sylvester recommends a natural look.

“Think fresh and dewy, lots of highlight and lots of pinks,” Sylvester says. She recommends a flush of pink on the cheeks and a matching gloss for the lips.

“With a new season, everyone wants to change it up, and in spring especially clients just want something that feels light,” Sylvester says. “Everyone’s ready to shed the heavy colors of winter.”

For those who do still want to experiment with color, Sylvester says to veer towards pastels.

“Pale greens and blues, they’re gorgeous on any eye color and go really well with floral patterns that are on a lot of clothing this time of year,” she says.

Sylvester recommends keeping it subtle though, instead of covering the whole eyelid in greens or blues, try just a flick of liquid liner to work in just a pop of color.

Between new makeup trends and new styles in clothing and accessories, there are so many options to update your look as spring rolls around. Niedbalski says that the most important thing to keep in mind though, is the weather.

“As badly as we all want it to be spring… prematurely dressing for warm spring days is the worst,” she says. So be sure to layer and make the most of your accessories and makeup to keep your look appropriate for both Kent weather and the new season.