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Headed to a Music Festival This Summer? Here Are All the Trends to Look For


The lineups are released and the weather is warmer, which can only mean one thing—it’s festival season. Festival fashion tends to feature crazier looks and encourage risk-taking in the clothing department. But whether you like to keep it simple with classic sundresses or mix and match edgy pieces, read on for all of the trends you’ll need this festival season.


The ‘90s are still with us, and they’re taking the festival stage. Extreme cropped grunge graphic tees are a staple for these concert-goers, according to World Global Style Network (WGSN). Raw hems are also a key aspect of the trend, so feel free to take a pair of scissors to your t-shirt drawer to achieve this look.

WGSN also reports the prevalence of swimwear within festival attire. Whether it’s a bikini top layered with a sheer shirt or left on its own, this is the perfect opportunity to repurpose your favorite swimsuits.  

If you’re into the boho look more than a sporty feel, go for a smocked crop top or a flowy wrap blouse. Seventeen Magazine features florals and gingham as ideal prints to pair with these silhouettes.


Denim is trending in a few ways. Relaxed fit, wide-leg jeans are transferring over from streetwear, and those Bermuda jorts are back, but in a distressed style.

Track pants represent the heavy influence of sportswear trends within festival fashion. WGSN says attendees style this athletic piece with statement tights and socks for a more elevated look.

Take your pick: either a mini or midi skirt would be a safe choice depending on the vibe you’re going for. Who What Wear suggests a rainbow-stripe mini skirt or a classic denim midi.

Dresses & Jumpsuits  

Sundresses are not only a summer staple but a festival one, too. Long or short, a breezy floral dress is the perfect versatile piece to add to your festival wardrobe.

Overalls and jumpsuits are making a major statement this year. WGSN notes that a relaxed touch is associated with overalls outfits as wearers neglect the straps and let the bodice relax. As for jumpsuits, PopSugar suggests a bright, color-blocked outfit that is sure to stand out in a concert crowd.


The tiny cat eye sunglasses you’ve seen all over Instagram can also be spotted at any music festival this summer. Round frames and mirrored lenses are also important for a pair of festival sunnies.

Hoops. The bigger, the better. WGSN recommends pulling back the hair and leaving other jewelry to a minimum so these earrings can capture all of the attention.

Of course, you will need a bag to keep other festival essentials with you. If you travel light, a fanny pack is the way to go. If you have a hard time paring down the necessities, a backpack might be a better choice. Regardless of your personal style, there is a trendy bag for you. Who What Wear suggests a wicker, denim or printed backpack are a few stylish options.


Standing will inevitably get tiring, so stay comfy with platform sneakers. WGSN explains how this shoe marks a gradual transition into 2000s-inspired clothing from the wave of the ‘90s.

Slides are another easy festival option. PopSugar suggests a neutral pair of shearling ones but recommends choosing from any muted or pastel tones to complete an outfit.

Now that you have all of the inspiration, put on some tunes and start shopping for your own go-to festival outfits.

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