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Looking Good, Feeling Better


Although college may be a place for learning, many still take in consideration the way they dress – and yes, even what they wear to class. Whether you’re feeling cute, comfy and casual, or just doing a “lazy” laidback look, what you wear does have an impact on what others think of you and what you think of yourself.

This ties in to the colors we choose to wear, and how it really does affect us and our mood. Despite what you may think, colors do impact us. Certain colors capture our attention, calm us and excite us.


The color red has always been known to be a color of passion, intensity, even romance.

If you’re feeling empowering, red is definitely the color for you. It enhances emotion and has always been known to naturally capture the human eye.

So, if you’re feeling a bit flamboyant and want to catch someone’s eye, red is the way to go.


Much like red, orange is an energetic and vibrant color that draws attention when worn out. However, unlike red this color is much less intense and creates an aura of positivity. Orange has this certain balanced energy,

Wearing orange is a good way to revitalize yourself. So, maybe the following Monday after a long weekend? Wear orange. You’ll feel less tired and much more renewed for the upcoming week of work and class. It’s also a good workout color to wear when heading to the gym. After all, everyone needs a little energy boost when working out.



Probably the most noticeably brightest and energetic color – yellow. Yellow is usually most associated with happiness, optimism, sunlight, cheerfulness.

With that being said, wear yellow when you want to be in a cheerful mood! It’s something great to cheer you up on a bad day, and especially now the color yellow has made a sort of “comeback” in the fashion industry. Even a bright yellow statement jacket, shoes, scarf, etc. Anything with yellow will cheer you up, even if it does so unknowingly.

Not only is it considered a happy color, but yellow is also linked to intelligence and inspiration. When that big test day rolls in, do yourself a favor a wear something yellow to help you do good, and put you in a good mood.


Green symbolizes renewal and growth. When it comes to wearing green, although you can obviously wear it any time of the year, this color mainly comes to play in the spring time when things are coming back to life.

Wearing green has a sense of balance, calm and harmony. If you want to feel a sense of ease when going to work or class, wear green. It’s soothing to the eye as well, so when you’re eyes are irritated or if you’re staring at a projector for too long – look at something green. And hey, it helps when that “something green” is on your body.


When it comes to the color blue, people usually think of it as a more somber color. It is linked to gloomy, rainy days. While that may be true to some extent, the reasoning behind this is all in the psychology behind blue.

Blue tones are cold, therefore it creates in your mind that somber, tranquil feeling. However, the color blue also suggests loyalty and integrity.

With that being said, this is the perfect color to wear when you want to be bold, yet not drawing too much attention as compared to warmer colors. Blue helps you focus and ease your mind, so it’s a good color to wear when you need to get serious and pay attention in your classes.



Purple has been known to be linked with royalty, so if you’re feeling extra good about yourself this is the color to wear out.

Other than that, purple can be a spiritual color. It can ease your mind and calm you, seeing as how it is one of the cooler tones like blue. However, too much purple can irritate the eye so maybe it’s not the best idea for a full purple outfit when you’re already having a stressful day.


You can never go wrong with this one…literally.

Everyone seems to look good in black. It is sleek, professional, mysterious and despite this you still happen to feel pretty good about yourself. Although some people associate this color with sadness, for those trend-setters this isn’t quite a problem. All black outfits can usually never do wrong. And if they do? Add a pop of color.


Much like black, you can’t go wrong with wearing white. It’s clean and classic, so wearing white will in a way rejuvenate your mood and have a positive impact on your day.

It brings a property of comfort, sophistication and purity. A casual white t-shirt never hurt anybody, and it looks good with any color you pair it with.


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