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You Got This


Now as we are nearing middle to the end of the semester, you’re more than likely driving yourself up a wall.

This is the time for trying new things, making new friends and living life on the edge. Well, let’s not get to crazy let take a step back a redirect ourselves. Life has a funny way of working and the bigger question is: Are you listening?

Living a fast pace lifestyle may be ideal for some but is not realistic to others.

Understand that your path and your vision is not the same as those around you. Now, this may seem pretty obvious and pretty simple. However, with Instagram being the godfather of life it’s hard to not fall in a pit whole of comparison. Here are some ways that help you stay on your path.

Understand how amazing you are

Affirmations are everything. They make you realize who you are, what you are and how important you are. Start every day off with an affirmation, affirming who you are and what you want to become.

“No one is going to understand how to take care of you better than you”

Limit your intake

Social media is your favorite past time. It makes time in class go faster, your talks with family shorter and makes time with friends better. But, too much of anything can be detrimental, which includes social media. Limit how much the outside world affects you. Give yourself a limit of how long you can be on social media and also set a purpose for why you are there. Work, inspiration, family or updates. Make the time you spend on social media valuable.

Help those that help you

Sometimes we get in our heads about all the things we are doing wrong and never take time to acknowledge our accomplishments. Every once in a while, write all the good things that have happened to you or the good things you have done. This list reminds you that you have come a long way and you have so much more to accomplish.

Your peace is IMPORTANT.

It is very important to reevaluate yourself and by doing so check your feelings and peace. Are you stressed? And if so is itself inflicted or cause by other people. Are you happy? And if not what makes you unhappy? We believe inner peace is priceless and you shouldn’t have to spare someone else feelings to make them happy. It is okay to be selfish sometimes. No one is going to understand how to take care of you better than you. Understand that you come first before you can help anyone else.

“It’s never too late to redirect your life.”

Now there are way more ways to redirect your life. But, these are good starting points. Realize that you have a purpose and don’t let the negative energy of the world dim your shine. You are worthy of much more and capable of anything. It’s never too late to redirect your life

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