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I Analyzed My Birth Chart and So Can You


Astrology has become somewhat of a phenomenon in pop culture recently. According to Google Trends, in August 2019 the search term “astrology” reached a 94 point interest level out of 100 points. The term is also projected to reach a 100 point interest level in September 2019.

As with most trends, astrology has won my attention. I have become increasingly interested in reading about the signs and how compatible I may be with mine. In order to take a deeper dive into astrology, I decided to fill out a natal chart.

A natal chart is an astrological tool that uses birthdates, birth times and birth locations to help people better understand their personalities and how they interact with the rest of the world. In order to understand its main components, I met with Laurie, owner of Silver & Scents in downtown Kent, to discuss my results.

My Natal Chart

After having a general understanding of what makes up a natal chart, I downloaded the app Co-Star to fill one out. There, I was prompted to give my birthdate, birth time and place of birth, then my natal chart was generated.

I was born September 16 so my sun is in Virgo. This means Virgo characteristics represent my core identity. According to my Co-Star results, I am said to be smart, self-sacrificing and easily bogged down by day-to-day details. Laurie emphasized these traits when she said that suns in Virgo represent an inner nature of being “an analyzer.”

No wonder my easily bogged-down self has no social life. I will blame it on that.

My moon is in Pisces. According to Co-Star, this means my inner emotions and moods are most similar to Pisces. This makes sense to me because I am often sensitive and get lost in my own thoughts and I feel like I relate most to having the inner tornado of emotions similar to Pisces.

My ascendant is in Aquarius. This means I am often seen by others as exuding characteristics related to Aquarius. According to Co-Star, I can be seen by others as having the Aquarius characteristics of originality and refusal to outwardly express emotions.

I feel like this is spot on because my biggest fights with my boyfriend always seem to involve me not communicating my feelings. If only I could explain what is wrong instead of forcing him to guess; I guess that would be too easy.

My Mercury is in Virgo, in the seventh house. This means I am most likely to exhibit “Virgo-like” responses in matters of the seventh house such as one-on-one relationships. I understand this in relation to myself because I exhibit the Virgo trait of constantly analyzing whether whom I surround myself with is helping me grow as a person.

Laurie backed my belief in Mercury being in Virgo when she said those people are “extremely sensitive and analytical” when it comes to relationships.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. But of course it hurts to me; my mercury is in Virgo!

My Jupiter is in Aquarius, in the twelfth house. This means that I am likely to exhibit characteristics of Aquarius in matters of the twelfth house like inner peace. According to Co-Star, I am said to find success in privacy and introspection. I understand this connection because I definitely find value in being humble.  Laurie also described people with Jupiter in Aquarius as “inventive geniuses” who are often times lucky.

I hope that Jupiter in Aquarius luck rubs off on me soon.

My Saturn is in Aries, in the second house. This means that I may exhibit characteristics of Aries in matters of the second house such as self-reliance. According to Co-Star, I am said to have difficulties with money and material possessions. I find this to be accurate, as I often find it hard to save money. However, Laurie gave me hope when she said that people with Saturn in Aries are “impulsive, which can be good in business.”

Maybe one day when I run a business, my impulsive personality will pay off.

After filling out a natal chart, I feel like the astrology universe knows me. Even the planets I didn’t mention seemed to make sense in my life in some way.

Is it a coincidence? Probably. Am I still intrigued? Absolutely.

I may have only discovered the natal chart due to astrology’s increasing popularity in pop culture, but at the end of the day, I’m glad I allowed the trend to suck me in. Excuse me, while I go take a look at my daily horoscope. Shout out to my fellow Virgos!

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