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all the winter essentials

Illustration by Brooke Spaulding

With cold weather fastly approaching, there are many seasonal things I’m starting to dig out of my closet and from the bottom of my makeup bag. The essentials that I need to stay healthy and happy throughout the winter weather are becoming more and more useful as the weather gets colder. I wanted to share all of my winter essentials in hopes to help others prepare for the long, chilly months ahead.
  1. Flannels

While flannels may be considered a staple in fall fashion, I think they can be worn in the winter too. I have bought a few new flannels this year, as I try to supplement my wardrobe and redefine my personal style. I’m having a blast styling them with different pieces. Plus flannels keep me warm on those cold morning days, without compromising aesthetics.

  1. Lip Balm

This one may seem self explanatory, but lip balm is one of my most crucial winter essentials. I can proudly say I am one of those people that has a lip balm ready for use in every accessible place: bedside table, car, purse and backpack. Anywhere I might need to apply lip balm, I have one. When lips start getting dry with the changing seasons, using Blistex or a Burt’s Bees is sure to help. 

  1. Fuzzy Blankets

Warm, textured blankets are an essential during the winter months. Blankets are a source of comfort for me, and I find myself buying new ones almost every year. I have multiple blanket bins and I’m considering getting a ladder from which to hang them as well. Being cozy in a fuzzy blanket while it’s cold outside is one of the best feelings. When the holidays become closer, cozy blankets may even offer an atmospheric experience of holiday nostalgia.
  1. Cabin Socks

I discovered cabin socks when I was a senior in high school and I never looked back. These are the only fuzzy socks that I will wear now. They never seem to get matted or lose their softness, even after years of wearing and washing them. I source mine from Dick’s Sporting Goods and they are relatively affordable given how long they last!

  1. Hot Chocolate

I love treating myself to Starbucks holiday drinks, but hot chocolate was what I drank on cold nights when I was a kid, so I always come back to it. Whether it’s K-cups, packets or (occasionally if I’m feeling spicy) homemade, hot chocolate hits the spot for me every time. My personal favorite is the classic Swiss Miss mix but putting my own marshmallows in. Affordable and delicious.
  1. A Heavy Coat

When the cold days feel unbearable, a heavy duty coat is an absolute must. My favorite winter coat is one from Polo Ralph Lauren. It’s a longer coat with a faux fur hood. I got it years ago and it is still keeping me warm on the chilliest of days. That heavy coat combined with gloves and some warm shoes is a recipe for success when there’s a ton of snow on the ground. 

  1. Boots

Speaking of warm winter shoes, I’ve noticed that on Twitter and TikTok, Uggs are making a huge comeback this season. Investing in a good pair of winter boots is a winter must (especially if walking to class is a part of your routine). I have two different pairs of boots for winter. I own Timberlands, which are better for those not-so-slippery days. Styled with a nice pair of socks, these boots can be great for those cold days. Then, I have a pair of North Face boots that get me safely where I need to go in the sleet, snow or rain.
  1. Space Heater

I have always said that I would rather be cold than warm. However, sometimes that’s just not true. When the weather is cold enough to chill you to the bone, a space heater can be a lifesaver. I have one in my room for those extra cold nights. It’s a small space heater that’s shaped like a fireplace and warms up the room, while looking cute. 

  1. Nyquil or Dayquil

Getting sick isn’t always in our control. For me, it’s a regular obstacle during the winter season. When it happens though, Dayquil and Nyquil are essential. Taking that for a few days can help me significantly and usually eases symptoms.

  1.   Moisturizer

My skin becomes dry during the winter time just from walking to class or being outdoors for short periods of time. Utilizing an effective facial moisturizer and body lotion is a must for the cold months! My personal favorites are the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Moisturizer  and The Body Shop’s Body Butters. These allow my skin to remain soft and moisturized even when it’s cold outside.

Those are just some of the essentials that I need to get through the winter months. I hope this list helps you survive the cold and introduces you to some new favorites! 

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