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Behind the Business: Ely Road Boutique


Suzie Pruitt is a 2006 Kent State graduate whose communications degree and a focus in mass media helped her launch her own business — the start of an online boutique, Ely Road Boutique, in 2015.

Prior to the online boutique, Pruitt began her career in administrative work in several states but ultimately was looking for more  — to create and have limitless boundaries. She admired her grandmother’s freedoms of having no boundaries in fashion and became inspired by her grandmother’s style sense.

Her grandmother grew up during the depression era — a time when spending money on fun, trendy new clothes didn’t happen often.

“She was a beauty queen, an absolutely beautiful woman and very smart,” Pruitt says remembering her grandmother. “She would go to tag sales and find jewelry.”

Pruitt’s savvy grandmother created her own trends and put together fashionable outfits, all while remaining on a budget. Her grandmother had no boundaries when it came to fashion and didn’t let the depression era restrict her style.

Her online boutique has many sentimental ties to her family, as well, including the name of her online boutique that reflects the road her grandparent’s lived on when she was growing up.

Ely Road’s logo also has a valuable meaning — it’s of a woman walking her dog. That woman just happens to be Pruitt and her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Huey Lewis Pruitt. National Dog Day falls on Aug. 26 every year, and it became no surprise that Pruitt launched her online boutique the same day.

Pruitt says she hopes to travel with her husband and their dog and have pop up shops of Ely Road, all while attending fashion shows and expos along the way.

“Never compare yourself to other people and their paths,” she says about college students finding their way in life. “It’s fun to move and try different things.”

Pruitt hopes everyone who shops on her site will be able to find something for themselves, as the collections is both timeless and ageless. She feels there is something for everyone, especially with the unique patterns and prints offered at affordable prices.

The clothing on her site comes from showrooms all across the United States. Pruitt makes sure to hand pick all of the styles available and buys it herself first, doing so to ensure that the quality of the clothing will be worth the buy for her customers.

“I wear it around to make sure that it doesn’t tear, fade and is good quality,” Pruitt says.

One thing that she doesn’t like about online shopping is ordering something, and it looks completely different when it arrives.

“I strive to have a new promise for customers, where what you see is what you get,” Pruitt says.

By taking extra steps, Pruitt is building a trusting relationship with her customers that customers can really grow to appreciate.

Visit Ely Road Boutique at


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