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The city of Florence has been the muse of luxury brands and fashion retailers for years. In turn, shopping has always been an attraction. While taking a stroll down the Via Roma and the Piazza della Repubblica, you can find a variety of luxury and fashion retailers to browse. We’ve gathered a list of popular fashion brands that study abroad students tend to favor. The list includes a mix of vintage stores, boutiques and local labels. A size guide was included within each store description as well. It is important to pay attention to sizing while shopping as Italian sizes run much smaller than the United States. Students studying abroad in Paris, London and South Korea should be mindful of this as well. If you are planning on studying abroad in any of these countries, you can find a size conversion chart here.


Melrose Vintage 

Melrose Vintage is every thrift shopper’s dream. The store has two locations in Florence, one near the Santa Maria Novella train station and another around the block from Kent State Florence. The one closest to the train station is best known for its shoes; the first floor is dedicated to rows of Doc Martens, cowboy boots and sneakers. The other location has a variety of coats, jeans, sweaters and garments for every occasion. The brands featured in the store include luxury and everyday retailers. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to browse through each store!

Price Point: $$$

Size Guide: A size guide was not listed on its website, but with vintage clothing and shoes you should expect to find garments that reflect the Italian size chart, which runs smaller than American sizes.



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Dixie is the type of boutique that draws you in through its window displays and color story. Dixie has a number of locations around Florence and the Tuscany region. Although it normally sits at a high price point, the quality of its clothing is guaranteed by an all-Italian production. While shopping there you can expect to see a lot of fun prints, trendy silhouettes and retro-inspired aesthetics. Each store has its own visual merchandising technique, so you are sure to go home with some outfit inspiration as well!

Price Point: $$$

Size Guide: Dixie offers a comprehensive size guide on its website that compares American and Italian sizes. While shopping online, click the link under the available sizes to compare. When shopping in store, check the tag for size comparison or ask a store associate for help. 



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Mango is the self-identified home of Mediterranean fashion and culture. It is hard to disagree with its product portfolio, as the brand offers timeless pieces while also integrating current trends and cultural values. The best part of the brand is the duality, you can shop there and find a nice pair of trousers or a fitted party dress. The brand is also committed to sustainability, with efforts to use recycled materials and environmentally friendly processes. Mango has two locations in Florence but can also be found throughout Italy and America. 

Price Point: $$

Size Guide: Mango offers a size guide for women and men to compare sizes between the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Italy, Mexico and Canada. You can also compare your sizes across a variety of garments using this tool. Mango’s garment tags also list the size conversions if you are shopping in store. 



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Picture this, you are fresh off the plane, ready to experience all that Florence has to offer. After you get to your apartment you realize you need towels, hangers and maybe some new sheets. OVS would be the place to go, this retailer is the closest equivalent you will get to a TJ Maxx in Florence. Its product categories include: intimates, sleepwear, athleisure and other clothing essentials. The brand’s price point fluctuates from budget to bridge, depending on the in-house brand you shop for. 

Price Point: $$

Size Guide: Like most brands listed, OVS follows an Italian size chart. However, its website offers a size comparison between the U.S., Italy and Europe. Women, curvy and petite, along with men and children can compare their size here. 


Desii Vintage 

Desii Vintage is Florence’s best kept secret. The vintage shop is only a short walk from the Duomo and city center. Its vintage collection is carefully curated and offers a ton of vintage luxury pieces for competitive prices. Desii Vintage also includes Desii Store and Desii Ognissanti. The Desii Store is located right next to the Vintage store, but it’s brand Desii Ognissanti, is featured within both shops. The atmosphere is both young and hip, which offers the perfect vibe for shopping. You are sure to go home with some cool vintage pieces from these stores.

Price Point: $$$

Size Guide: Desii Vintage did not provide a size chart on its website, but like Melrose Vintage, you can expect to find Italian size equivalents within its garments. Be sure to keep in mind that Italian sizes run smaller than American. 



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Benheart is one of the most famous Italian leather shops in Florence. It is renowned for its leather jackets and shoes, but it also sells a variety of bags and wallets. Benheart has three locations in Florence, with the two closest located by the Ponte Vecchio and Arno River. Although Benheart sells its products for a high price point, the craftsmanship and quality makes it worth the splurge. The company was born and raised in Florence, making it the perfect keepsake from your study abroad experience.

Price Point: $$$$

Size Guide: For women, Benheart’s leather jackets are sold in sizes 38 through 46, while the men’s sizes run 46 through 56. In American sizing, the women’s leather jackets would be sold in sizes XS-L, and the men’s jackets would be sizes S-XL. Its shoe sizes include men 39-46 and women 36-47. 


Il Bisonte 

Il Bisonte, also known as The Bison Florence, is a leather goods store that has been located in Florence since 1970. The founder and brand ambassador, Wanny Di Filippo, chose to name the brand after the bison as they represent both peace and strength. Il Bisonte primarily sells bags and small leather goods for men and women. The brand is incredibly loyal to Florentine tradition and manufacturing. Its leather is still made in Italy with expert craftsmanship. Il Bisonte celebrated 50 years of business in 2020, and its commitment to Italian leather goods and innovation is what sets it apart from competitors. 

Price Point: $$$

Size Guide: Il Bisonte exclusively sells bags and does not include a size chart on its website. 



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Walking into a COS store is like walking into your ultimate capsule wardrobe. The brand is a hub for timeless design, as each piece is meant to transcend both trends and seasons. COS promotes both craftsmanship and sustainability by using recycled materials within its production and promoting artisans on its social media pages. The collections for men and women promote gender fluidity as each garment can be worn regardless of gender. COS is a one minute walk from the Palazzo Strozzi and nestled in between two roadways. The building, like the brand, is exquisite. 

Price Point: $$

Size Guide: The COS website offers a size guide for both men and women. If shopping in a store, the size conversion can also be found on the garment tags. 


Two Way 

Two Way is a small boutique with one store in the Metropolitan area of Florence but with a strong online presence. It sells women’s clothing, accessories and shoes for a great price. Its sizing is not inclusive, but it is on par with current trends and fashions. If H&M and Brandy Melville were to have a love child, it would be Two Way. 

Price Point: $

Size Guide: The amount of sizes listed under its products are quite disappointing, as some tops and bottoms are only provided in a small or medium size. Not to mention that this is Italian sizing, so the garments are sure to run small. Make sure to tread lightly before making an online purchase.


United Colors of Benetton 

United Colors of Benetton is a fashion and home retailer known for its color story. On its website, you are able to shop the color wheel and find clothing that embodies the color of your choice. A visit to the store confirms its commitment to color, as it has a variety of basics in each color. United Colors of Benetton is also committed to sustainability, mainly natural and recyclable fibers. This is a great place to visit for things around the home and versatile pieces. 

Price Point: $$

Size Guide: United Colors of Benetton has a size comparison chart where it compares sizes from the U.S. and Italy. The size comparison chart looks into women, men and children comparisons. 


If you ever find yourself in Florence, whether as a student or a traveler, we hope that you enjoy our recommendations and sizing tips for your shopping excursion! Please be sure to keep these size conversions in mind when studying abroad in Paris, London and South Korea as well. 


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