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Breaking Gender’s Bind: How to Explore Masculine Styles

Art: Chandler Newman

If only I was a six-foot-tall cis man, then this outfit would look and fit perfectly.

A thought that has plagued every masc lesbian: the desire for clothes to present masculinity, but fit a feminine body. To feel comfortable and confident in clothing while being able to express yourself and sexuality is incredibly important.

To mitigate this problem, I have compiled a list of clothes that remain masculine in appearance, but fit a feminine body.


TomboyX presents a variety of boxer styles and designs, including period underwear. Each length and cut of boxer comes in many different colors, patterns and band styles. The garments are cotton and range from sizes 3XS to 6XL, so the brand is inclusive to each and every size. Additionally, TomboyX has swim shorts that are feminine fitting, so more people can feel comfortable and confident in the water. There is a section labeled “Gender Euphoria” on the site that offers compression tops and tucking undergarments. The brand carries so many gender-affirming pieces made sustainably and offers student discounts.

Calvin Klein Invisibles
A step up from the masc staple–The Nike Sports-Bra, is the Calvin Klein invisible. This is the bra designed to disappear under any top you wear while keeping you covered and secure. Straps are designed to vanish so you will never ruin a good outfit with a rogue bra strap. There are a variety of styles with sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Pants are one of the most challenging items to shop for, especially when trying to achieve a masculine style and fit. Pants catered to feminine bodies are tighter, especially on the thighs and this is a cut that feels impossible to escape.

Dickies Wide Legs & 874
Dickies come in at a higher price point, but they hold superiority in quality, sustainability and versatility. The wide-leg pants fit loose all the way down the leg while still being catered to feminine hips. Other options include the slimmer fitting 874 Work Pants, which cost a little less and hold the same level of quality with a slight pleat.

Banana Republic Straight Pants
For formalities, Banana Republic offers straight-leg, loose-fitting, suit pants in sizes zero to twenty. They have a trouser crease, which creates a classically formal look, as well as belt loops to cinch an affirming fit. This isn’t the only option, Banana Republic has different styles of trousers that hang tight or loose on the leg in a variety of different colors. Additionally, the factory website frequently has sales.

Gap 90s Loose Fitting Jeans
Going more casual with a quality-fitting pair of jeans, the thrift store is easily the most inexpensive and accessible option. However, finding a perfect fit can be challenging. These Gap Jeans are a pure state of gender euphoria.


Thrift Stores
The best option is buying clothes at thrift stores. Sweaters, vests, t-shirts and button-ups are abundant and inexpensive, and most importantly, sustainable. Many of these things can be easily cropped, shrunken or transformed into better-fitting pieces. Coats, especially leather, are great items to shop second-hand to avoid paying that new leather cost.

The thrift store is the easiest place to find blank and graphic tees affordably and sustainably the men’s section is the easiest route to go, as T-shirts are one of the true unisex items and thrift stores have a large size range. Button-ups are abundant and thrifts are the best place to find variety for affordability, with scissors and Hemming Tape these and shirts can be cropped at the waist and tailored.

Second-Hand Websites
Depop is an excellent resource, especially for drawing inspiration. The website is known to be a bit overpriced and home to unethical resellers, but it still holds good essentials and can be more accessible than going to the thrift store.

eBay offers lower prices and more options, especially for t-shirts. Single stitch, boxy fit and vintage Hanes Beefy Tees sit loose on the chest to give a figureless look. On eBay, they can be found at low price points. There is a great variety of button-up sweaters that can be bidded on.

The Target Wife Beater
This is the perfect layering piece and tank for warmer weather. With wife beaters back in style, these are the perfect option with their low price point and expansive size range. It holds much higher quality than the Hanes packs of tanks and fits much better, while still having a masculine appearance.

Everlane Linen Button-Up
Everlane offers a boxy-fit double-pocketed women’s button-up. The piece is designed to resemble classic workwear that crops perfectly at the waist. The material is sustainable and lighter than cotton. The color resembles that of a blazer rather than a classic shirt giving the piece a unique touch and formal appearance.

This list should not have to exist in the first place; unisex clothing should be easily accessible and inclusive for all bodies. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, shopping is more challenging than it has to be. It leaves me and so many others feeling dysmorphic and out of place with their identity. This list is designed for simplicity and gender bliss in everyday clothing.

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