Insta-ration: Instagram Blogging Basics

Achieving the perfect Insta feed is a full-time job. Many wonder how to stay consistent with their personal aesthetic with each post to maintain a pristine account. Instagramers who that follow one cohesive theme and incorporate the “blogger look” are all the rage. A Mag sat down with a few of our Insta-crushes as they spill their perfect tips on mastering a stylish Instagram feed.

Colleen Cummins – @co11eencummins:

“I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photos, but any photos I post on Instagram are usually from my phone, so I will use Instagram to edit them.

My Instagram theme is to basically create a timeline for myself. I like to post my life and what I’m doing. I love to travel a lot, so I love the idea of taking people on the journey with me and post photos that make anyone viewing feel like they are there, too.

Instagram is not just a place to post pictures for everyone to see. To me, it’s more like a personal photo diary. I like to go back through my feed and remind myself of a certain moment and or memory and see how my life has changed and where I was compared to where I am now. It’s also funny to look back at the very first photos I’ve posted and seen how I’ve progressed.

My photo style is kind of up in the air; I’m still trying to figure that out. I just know I love to photograph almost everything. There is so much beauty in this world and so many amazing things to capture.”

Gina DeSimone – @ginaphotog:

“Though I am a photographer and am skilled in Photoshop, all photos on my personal Instagram account are taken and edited on Instagram. I usually use VSCO to edit, and I try to edit everything consistently to keep up a theme.

My biggest thing with Instagram is posting things that make me happy and not other people. I like looking back on my Instagram and seeing old memories. If I post a photo and it only gets 20 likes, I would not delete it.

I also tend to space apart photos of myself. I use the app Preview when I am selecting between a few photos to see which fits in better. It seems like a big fuss, but as a photographer and someone who wants to go into the advertising industry, social media skills are super important.

Social media has changed the way we consume media, and if me having a decently curated Instagram can help me get a job, then that is a huge bonus. Also, as a past photo editor, I think my brain is always focused on continuity, and it used to bother eyes when all my photos looked dissonant. I’m much happier with my Instagram now. You can check out my photo account which (I’ll admit needs a little work) at @ginaanndesimone.”

Imani Johnson – @talesofalame:

“I use my Canon Rebel T3i, and I usually download my photos and edit them using Adobe Lightroom. I don’t really use any extra apps or anything. I usually use the Instagram filters if I’m taking a selfie.

Most of my Instagram is fashion related. I don’t have an overall theme; it’s mostly personal style. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of photoshoots with my photographer friend, Peja. For my blog, it’s just me, my tripod and my clicker. As far as fashion, I just wear what I love, and I don’t try to be fashion forward; it just kinda ends up that way.”

Anna Blount – @thewildivy:

“To edit my photos, I usually flip back and forth between platforms. At times, I honestly only use the Instagram editing features, but I like to use natural lighting. I try to not edit my photos too much, but I play with the brightness and the contrasts. I use VSCO once in awhile. I’m not a pro but I do like to play around with it. Also, I use Photoshop at times.

My Instagram theme is really inspired by the brand Free People. My Instagram name, Wildivy, goes along with the theme because I wanted it to represent letting yourself grow in places you didn’t think you could.

My Instagram incorporates my fashion style mainly because I love taking pictures of my outfits. I like to be creative; sometimes I’ll hang clothes on my wall and take a picture that way. I like to figure out how to incorporate clothing in pictures besides only wearing them.”

Keisha Burley – @Keishab.jpg:

“I use my iPhone 6 camera to take photos. I use VSCO Cam and Facetune when I want to add whiteness or brightness. Other photo apps I also use are Photowonder and Aviary.

I had a theme where I only used the HB1 filter on my photos, and then, over Christmas break, I decided to change it to HB2. But now, I usually just choose the filter that looks the best. There’s an app I use that allows you to see how a photo looks on your feed before you post it; it’s called UNUM.

My fashion changes a lot, so the one thing I struggle with is trying to keep a cohesive style because I dress one way one day and then I’ll dress completely different the next. I try to see what I’m feeling at the time, and wherever I’m at is what I try to incorporate in my Instagram feed.”

Ali Bell – @Ali_bell16:

“I take some of my photos on my camera and some on my phone, and to edit, I only use VSCO.

My Instagram theme is mostly white with pops of color. I take pictures of anything; if I like it, I’ll post it. I wear a lot of colors, so when I take pictures, I’m interested in the same type of look. I don’t really take pictures of myself. If anything, I’ll take downward pictures of my outfits.”

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