Vegan Beauty Products


by Gina DeSimone

It’s true that most people prefer knowing the ingredients and sources of foods and what we put into our bodies for fuel rather than not. We also know we feel better when we eat something that’s organically and all naturally made in comparison to greasy, fried foods. However, most people stop at that and don’t put the same thought and consideration into beauty products; the things we slather all over our bodies to appear at our very best.

Being vegan isn’t just a diet plan, it is a lifestyle; a lifestyle which includes our beauty products. To be considered a vegan verified product, it cannot be tested on animals or include any animal products within its formula. Vegan beauty products help decrease the overall suffering of animals and tend to use all natural ingredients. Shopping for vegan products, even if you don’t practice veganism, is a good way to easily make a positive impact and feel better about the causes you are supporting. That being said, here are some vegan companies and a few products to help you get started.

  • Vegan Cuts is a monthly subscription box for vegans. While it provides a snack box full of vegan foods, it also offers a beauty box full of vegan authorized products. The Vegan Cuts team tests all of their products in house and promises only the best vegan products. They also make the products readily available through their online marketplace.
  • Shea Moisture uses organic, natural and fair trade ingredients, while focusing on being eco-friendly, cruelty-free and supportive to charities for women living in underprivileged communities. Shea Moisture’s product lines include cosmetics for hair, face, body, males, females and also a mommy and baby specialty series.
  • Eco Tools utilizes recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo within their items and is also a verified, cruelty free company. Feel good about minimizing your environmental effect while avoiding cruel treatment of animals by using Eco Tools’ various brushes, hairbrushes and bath and spa accessories.
  • Yes To was founded on the simple idea of making affordable, natural beauty products out of fruits and vegetables. Yes To’s line includes products for hair, face, body, lip and baby. One unique aspect about this company is that all of their products fall into smaller collections based off of the main fruit or vegetable ingredient in the recipe. If you’ve had a lifelong dream of having entirely cucumber based products for all your skin needs, Yes To can finally fulfill it.
  • Organic coconut oil is a singular, non-branded, vegan beauty product that can achieve just about anything you may need. Some of the most popular uses for the oil are as a  makeup remover, body lotion, deodorant, deep conditioner,  pre-shampoo treatment and even  teeth whitener.

So, go ahead and indulge in some highly accessible and affordable beauty products that stand for a higher cause.


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  • by Gina DeSimone