The Biggest Trends of 2016


With only a few months left in 2016, the trends that have hit big this year are still going strong, yet also constantly changing. A cool, ever continuous concept about fashion is that statement trends, even if they fade out of style for a few seasons here and there, are bound to circle back into the system. Now entering fall, the cooler weather calls for chunky scarves and warm toned colors. The fashions that are currently on trend are classic and old school, so thrift stores are a definite go-to and fit right into a college student’s budget. Here’s a rundown of some of the fads that have been favorites lately and keep managing to stand out.

  1. Velvet

This fabric screams vintage and will always be recognized for it’s chic timelessness. This trend has appeared in many runway shows and has helped the most recognizable street style looks take shape into something even more outstanding. It allows for pretty femininity without pushing boundaries too harshly. From rompers to slip dresses, adding a layer underneath or overtop with a long-sleeve scoop neck tee is perfect for the transition into fall weather. Paris’ fashion week displayed this trend with Alessandro Dell’Acqua compiling her whole collection to revolve around this fabric.

     2. Wide Leg Pants

So 70’s, right? From jeans to slacks, wide leg pants are making a comeback. The simple, boxy design of the pants elongates your legs and figure, while also managing to create a vintage essence around any outfit. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have rocked these statement bottoms often and seamlessly, pairing them with a crop top or platform high heels. “I like how they’re coming back from the 70’s and they look so vintage,” sophomore Molly Flint said. “It’s such a change from skinny jeans; it’s fresh.”

    3. Denim

A staple for every season, denim is a crucial part to your closet. From jeans to jackets and dresses, the denim trend is seen from head to toe all throughout street style looks. On the plus side, if there weren’t already enough positives, denim is comfy and resilient, and wearing denim on denim is no longer a frowned upon taboo.

    4. Corduroy

Corduroy incorporates the softness of velvet into a textured surface of ribs, and it can be seen used for a various number of garments; the most popular being dresses, pants and jackets. A perfect fabric for layering, the color schemes seen consistently with this fabric are refined neutral and muted tones perfect for the fall season. The use of this material is a unique way to keep, not only your closet, but yourself standing out during these cold months.

    5. Neckwear

From scarves to chokers, this trend proves that the 90’s are back and here to stay, or maybe that they never truly left. Tying a scarf or bandana around your neck can up your game with any look, especially when mixing mediums like leather, velvet and denim.  

Check out how blogger/YouTuber Orion Carloto styles a scarf:

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