How to Keep Warm When It’s Cold


Throughout the harsh winters of Ohio, our main priority for those early morning walks to Rockwell is to be warm. With freezing temperatures and unnecessary gusts of wind, we still want to dress to impress. Thankfully, winter fashion saves the day by keeping us stylish, cozy and most importantly, warm. Keep reading for three easy looks so the winter winds don’t get the best of your wardrobe.

Athleisure for lounging or going to the gym

For the many times when a busy schedule prevents being able to dress appropriately for the gym and other plans, snuggle up in sweats. It doesn’t have to be a slouchy look. The newest trend is Adidas hoodies and matching joggers. They’re perfect for going to the gym, hanging at the lounge with friends or walking to class. To add to this outfit, pair it with some comfortable tennis shoes and a jean jacket.

Oversized sweater for class

Take advantage of sweater weather with different types of sweaters. It can be a long, button-up sweater with jeans and combat boots. Or, it can be a baggy sweater in a comfort color with leggings and Ugg boots. There is nothing better than a giant sweater to keep warm in, especially if it’s off-the-shoulder, turtleneck or cold shoulder style.

Chic for going out

When going to a party, take a poncho and throw it over a pair of jeans or leggings. There is no better way to keep warm and stay fashionable. To go for more of a slender look, try a long sleeve dress. A cute off-the-shoulder sweater, turtleneck or cold shoulder styled dress is perfect for any outing. To add a special touch to the outfit, include a pair of thigh high boots, leg warmers or patterned tights.

Lastly, for any outing, just accessorize. To complete almost any outfit, add a fun fringe scarf, jewelry or a head-piece like a “Love Your Melon” hat. Remember to snuggle up, stay stylish and keep comfortable because comfort radiates confidence.

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