#TrackIsBack and Athleisure is High Fashion


Athleisure began in the early 2000s when the Juicy Couture tracksuit was born. A number of celebrities who contributed to the hype of the velour Juicy trend include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Suddenly, the staple outfit of every American girl was a Juicy Couture tracksuit and Ugg boots. It’s impossible to forget the iconic status symbol.

Eventually, the trend died, and anyone who had any fashion sense wouldn’t be caught dead in a Juicy tracksuit — until this year when Vetements in collaboration with Juicy Couture brought the track back.

Instead of the classic velour two-piece Juicy tracksuit, Vetements created a bodysuit. Unlike the Juicy tracksuit, the Vetements x Juicy bodysuit is pretty difficult to get your hands on. The hot-ticketed item is going to cost you upwards of $2,000 and will only be available this upcoming spring and summer in select retailers and online.

Just to give you an idea of how rare these bodysuits are, the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue in New York is the only Saks that has any of the Vetements x Juicy collection, and they currently only have one in black out of the two color options: red and black.

As far as pricing goes, you can get a Juicy tracksuit for $50-$200 depending on sales at Kohl’s or other discount retailers that stock Juicy these days, and you can choose from way more color options than Saks is offering.

So, why is #trackisback a sudden trend when Vetements put out a Juicy bodysuit in only two colors?

Track is back because of the beloved athleisure trend; nothing is better than being comfortable and fashionable. With social media personalities like Kylie Jenner sporting the look, the new style has officially reached ‘cool girl status.’

It’s safe to say the bar has been raised. A collaboration between the beloved Juicy Couture brand and high- fashion brand Vetements keep the athleisure trend growing. Along with Juicy is Supreme, which collaborated with Louis Vuitton recently. Athleisure is a huge trend, and it’s only getting bigger; a $200 tracksuit or $200 hoodie isn’t enough. Today, athleisure is high-fashion.

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