Meet the Model: Megan Rogerson

Meet the Model: Megan Rogerson

What makes the Fashion School at Kent State rank 19th around the world? This program includes one of the most substantial fashion museums in the country, offers once in a lifetime study abroad opportunities in Florence and New York City and provides merchandising and design students the chance to express their talents in the annual fashion show, FS². With that, there are other important people who also contribute to the show, including the models.

Megan Rogerson, a junior fashion merchandising major at Kent State, will be modeling for FS² for her third time. During Rogerson’s senior year of high school, she discovered her true passion for fashion while attending her first runway show, FS².

From freshman to junior year at Kent State, she grew more skilled with every show and photo shoot due to the endless opportunities offered through the fashion department. The experience has provided her with many connections and an increase in self-confidence. In addition, Rogerson has been in three photo shoots for the BFA designer’s final thesis magazine.

“You feel like you are on a team,” Rogerson said. “Even if you do not feel confident, I have learned to just fake it. I have gained a lot of practice fit modeling, walking in student organization fashion shows and modeling in multimedia shoots for designers. My connections from the fashion school have actually given me professional modeling opportunities for companies in Cleveland.”

Her other positions on campus include treasurer for the Global Fashion Citizens, stylist and model for the Fashion Student Organization and member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She hopes her skills, background and passion will one day allow her to achieve her dreams of developing a sustainable fashion brand.

“I think that sustainability and transparency is extremely important for the future of the fashion industry,” Rogerson said. “I would love to be a part of the slow fashion movement.”

Just like every other instrumental piece for the annual fashion show, models are responsible for their own preparation for their roles. Models are required to attend catalog photo shoots, designer consultations, outfit fittings, rehearsals and critique day. Critique day allows models to try on looks and stand in front of a panel of judges who decide what garments will be picked for fashion show. Furthermore, models must practice their runway walk in order to perfect it the night of the show.

“I have this full body mirror at home at the end of a long hallway, and I will walk back and forth like 100 times picking apart my walk,” Rogerson said. “I also try to practice walking in the shoes I will be wearing for the show.”

Prior to the show, Rogerson practices poses and styles used by her favorite role models. Her modeling inspiration is derived from Gigi and Bella Hadid, and her style is influenced by sustainable fashion icons like Safia Minney and Emma Watson. She said they have both made a huge impact on promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.

Although Rogerson loves the excitement of her individual walk down the runway, her favorite part of modeling for the show is making connections with other students. It allows her the opportunity to meet other models, designers, members on committees and mentors.

“I would consider the senior co-producers, Elise and Megan, my mentors,” Rogerson said. “They have both participated in this show for multiple years and work so hard to make the show the best it can possibly be. They are so friendly to everyone involved, and I admire their hard work and dedication.”

It is through Rogerson’s strong support system of mentors, friends and co-workers that she can successfully participate and contribute to the show amongst all of the pressures she must face. It’s very important to her, as well as other models, that they effectively show off the merchandise that others have put all of their effort into.

Rogerson plans on contributing to FS² once more during her senior year at Kent State; however, she may apply to be on the fashion show committee. Regardless, Rogerson is excited for this year’s show, as well as next’s. Similar to most fashionistas, this event is always something Rogerson looks forward to participating in every year.