Made In America


Running through the cultural heart of Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin Parkway serves as a scenic boulevard, enthralling Philadelphians and tourist alike. But every Labor Day weekend since 2012, the boulevard transforms into the site for Budweiser’s Made in America Music Festival. Founded by business mogul and rap extraordinaire Jay-Z, Made In America (MIA) hosts a variety of live music acts ranging from Beyonce, Skrillex, Drake, Rihanna, Coldplay, Ninch Inch Nails and Pearl Jam. And like any other music festival, individuals seize the opportunity to dress however they want. Some dress to intimidate. Others to inspire awe. But all to ingrain their fashion style into your mindset. The concrete jungle challenges people to dress judiciously; music festivals inspires the contrary. These are the individuals who dress accodrinignly, eccentrically or downright salaciously. These are the people of Made In America.