Shopping with A Magazine: Inside a Local Online Vintage Shop

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“Tacky—but in a good way,” is how Josie Yeager describes her Ravenna-based vintage boutique, CelebritySkin, which held its third pop-up shop in Kent Saturday.

A fitting description, the pop-up was filled with over-the-top cowboy shirts, hot pink track pants and other eclectic pieces of all styles. Most of the clothing is vintage and spans from the 1940s to the 1990s.

This philosophy of heterogeneity is integral to CelebritySkin’s deeper vision.

“I don’t want to limit it to one gender or size,” Yeager says. “I don’t have one person I envision wearing my clothes. I want it to be inclusive.”

CelebritySkin has been several years in the making. After several unsuccessful attempts at running an online DEPOP shop on the side, Yeager quit her job at Walmart to focus on CelebritySkin full-time.

To find the vintage pieces, she hunts for overlooked clothing and accessories at thrift stores and estate sales. She also goes picking, which generally involves visiting strangers’ houses and asking to sift through their attics.

Now, she hopes to use her love of photography and online expertise to push CelebritySkin to become less of an online shop and more of a curated brand. She also hopes to advance the pseudo-guerilla pop-up shops as more of an experience.

“We are selling a look,” she says. “My idea for it is to make it more of an interactive thing and meet people in the areas I’m selling.”

A Magazine got a peek into CelebritySkin’s closet and styled a few of our favorite pieces. To keep up with CelebritySkin, follow its Instagram @celebrityskinofficial or visit their depop.