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The Eras Tour Fashion

Art: Reagan Morsman

After 53 shows in 20 cities, the first leg of the Eras Tour U.S. came to an end on Aug 9. The three-hour and 13-minute set is Taylor Swift’s performance of a lifetime. The success of the show was then turned into a movie, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” so fans get to experience the concert as many times as they want. Swift transports fans back to her ten albums with themed rooms on the digital screen, choreographed dances and a swirl of beautiful custom outfits that help to tell the story of each era. Throughout the show, she changes outfits 16 times, sometimes, even on stage. The singer surprised fans during her tour, as she debuted new versions of her iconic looks. Here’s a look into Swift’s Eras Tour looks.

“Lover” Era

Swift opened the concert in a custom, Versace bodysuit with pink and blue jewels paired with equally shiny Christian Louboutin, knee-high boots and a dazzling microphone. This was not the only time she wore Louboutin shoes the brand announced on its Instagram that they are “Dressing @taylorswift throughout her North American Tour. During ‘Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour’ Taylor Swift will be performing in custom Christian Louboutin styles.” This outfit embodies what “Lover” represents: a romantic, colorful and joyful era, distancing itself from the previous dark aesthetic of “Reputation.” Thus, the use of more romantic and calm colors like pink, blue and gold sequins across her bodysuit.

The singer also debuted a second gold, Versace, bodysuit on night two in Glendale, Arizona. The use of gold might also be a nod to the lyrics of her song “Daylight,” as she sang “I once believed love would be (Black and white) But it’s golden (Golden).” Although not included in the official set list, fans were quick to catch that easter egg.

On the first night at MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey she surprised everyone with a third version of the bodysuit with purple crystals and tassels going down her thigh paired with purple Versace heels and a Versace necklace adorned with crystal butterflies.

Before singing, “The Man,” a song exploring the sexism in the music industry, she added a shimmery Versace blazer. There were two versions of the blazer, the gray sparkly one and the black with sequins. The use of sequins in the blazer could be interpreted as a lesson to not make women dim their lights and change who they are to fit in what men expect from them.

“Fearless” Era

As Swift transitioned to the “Fearless” Era, she wore a Roberto Cavalli fringe dress reminiscent of her 2009 “Fearless” tour look. Perfect to twirl around in, the outfit was completed with a bedazzled acoustic guitar. “Fearless” marked the start of her international career, still following the country genre, but replacing the western boots with knee-high sparkly Louboutin boots. The second version of this dress has a gold and silver fringe down the legs, also Roberto Cavalli, with Swarovski crystals. The third version included a silver fringe dress by Cavalli, just like the previous one. In this era, Swift was trying to be bolder and make a name for herself. The outfit is a perfect nod to her country roots while taking a more modern and yes, fearless, approach.

“Evermore” Era

“Evermore” was released during the pandemic in 2020, five months after “Folklore,” its sister album. Both albums exude a woodsy fairy vibe. A perfect representation of “cottagecore,” this album branched off from her country and pop roots to a more indie-folk style. Cardigans, sweaters, long coats and anything Autumn-like characterized this era. In a soft orange dress from Etro with gold beading details along the corset top, she performed five songs from “Evermore,” reflecting the woodland aesthetic of the album. During the song, “Willow” she added an Etro cape to channel a mystic vibe.

On the first night in New Jersey, she wore a darker, shinier dress with ruffles made by Marco de Vincenzo for Etro. Unfortunately, she wore this burgundy dress only a few times during the Eras Tour. Even though both outfits were not full of sequins, sparkles or ruffles, it did not make it any less impressive. In this emotional and slower set with songs like “Marjorie” and “Champagne Problems,” it would not make sense to wear something shiny and fun.

“Reputation” Era

“Reputation” was different from everything we’ve seen before by Swift. Shifting from the optimistic “1989” album, “Reputation” embodied a darker aesthetic with black, edgy outfits and a snake as a consistent symbol, as her haters referred to her as one. During the “Reputation” set, she wore an asymmetrical, black and red Roberto Cavalli bodysuit with snake patterns and sequins. This outfit was inspired by the grunge bodysuits from her “Reputation” Stadium Tour in 2018. The “Reputation” outfit was the only one that had no variations throughout the Eras Tour. Fans theorized that the reason behind this was that everything may change, but her reputation will always stay the same.

Drei Libao is a huge Swiftie who went to four Eras Tour concerts: Santa Clara, Night One and Los Angeles Nights Two, Three and Six (the last show of the U.S. leg). After four shows, Libao was able to see countless outfits, including the blue ones that Swift wore only for the night she announced “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” The only outfit that he saw in all four shows was the snake bodysuit. Libao added that the look is so iconic because of the meaning behind it.

”It all started when Kim Kardashian called her [Swift] a snake during a phone call and she essentially took it back and made it all very dark and edgy,” he said. ”She made a whole persona with the snakes.” Libao also said that the dress seems like, ”She is shedding her skin like a snake does.”

Thus, this represents the shift Swift went through from America’s sweetheart to a despised celebrity, and how she decided to, finally, embrace her reputation and defend herself against the scrutiny of the media, instead of just complying with it. Hence, “shedding her skin” is about becoming a new version of herself.

“Speak Now” Era

Although Swift only sang one song from the “Speak Now” album, she later added “Long Live” and this era included nothing short of fabulous outfits. “Speak Now” was a romantic, fairy-tale era, perfectly represented by her song, “Enchanted,” which she performs in a bespoke glittering gold gown by Nicole + Felicia Couture. Similar to her Valentino dress for her “Speak Now” tour, but this time, bigger and brighter. On night two, she switched to a Zuhair Murad custom pink ball gown. On her first night in Tampa, she wore a simpler, yet elegant, Ellie Saab Couture gown from Fall/Winter 2022, with a tulle skirt and silk organza petals and sequins sewn into it. In New Jersey, she chose an Elie Saab Fall 2020 Couture gown with tulle in pale pink.

On the day she announced, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” in Kansas City, she opted for a Nicole + Felicia Couture lilac ball-gown with crystal embellishments, reflecting the purple aesthetic of “Speak Now” and driving fans insane as they anticipated the announcement to come.

On Aug 9 in Los Angeles, the night she announced “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” she surprised everyone with a blue Nicole + Felicia Couture gown. The blue dress was chosen for more than aesthetic purposes.

As Swifties know, it was rumored that Swift would announce “1989 TV” in her last show of the first U.S. leg. Libao explained that every era had its own color, and “1989’s” color was blue, so when Swift came out in the blue gown it was the final confirmation Swifties needed. “I started losing it, like ‘it’s happening, 1989 is happening,’” he said.

“Red” Era

Back in 2023, Swift released the music video for “22,” in which she wore a shirt saying ”Not a lot going on at the moment” paired with a black hat and shorts. She recreated this iconic look for the concert but instead, the shirt said “A lot going on at the moment.”

The shirt was custom by Ashish, the loafers were Louboutin and the fedora was Gladys Tamez. Ashish was also responsible for making the original shirt for the music video 10 years ago. On night two, she opted for a shirt that said, “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.” Lastly, in Arlington, Texas, she had a, “We are never getting back together. Like ever.” shirt. This is the moment of the show when she gives her hat to a lucky fan.

As she removed her shirt, Swift revealed an Ashish black and red sequin bodysuit, perfect for the “Red” Era. Once it was time to sing, “All Too Well (10-minute version) (Taylor’s Version),” she changed into an Ashish, ombre coat with red and black sequins to match the bodysuit. The color red represents a mixture of intense emotions: passion, love, jealousy and anger. Hence, the name of the album and the colors of the outfits for this era.

“Folklore” Era

As “Evermore’s” sister album, “Folklore” has a similar aesthetic with its nostalgic and rustic feel. Folklore was released during the pandemic and brought fans a form of escape in such difficult times. Swift perfectly embodies a fairy in the woods, as she wore a custom purple Alberta Ferretti maxi dress full of ruffles that allowed the fabric to move with her as she twirled around on stage.

On night two, she wore a similar dress but cream-colored with crystal embroidery. In Denver, Colorado, she wore a similar cream dress, but with lace. On Mar. 14, she debuted a new soft light purple dress with sequin details. In Tampa, on night one, she wore a vivid green dress with embroidered leaves that perfectly embodied the woodsy vibe of the album. The green Folklore dress was also a fan favorite, and Libao said he wished he had seen it in person because he loved how it looked on her.

Lastly, in Los Angeles, night six, she wore a blue maxi dress alluding to the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

“1989” Era

“1989” consecrated her transition to pop music–celebrating both youth and freedom. You can never forget the iconic lines from “Style”: “You got that long hair, slicked back, white T-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.” Swift took it literally, as she entered the stage in a Roberto Cavalli fringed, pink, matching set paired with pink Louboutin boots. Other versions included a bright green and an orange matching set. Again, on Aug. 9, she opted for a blue two-piece set. The fringe top and skirt were the perfect choice as she danced to “Shake It Off” and her clothes swung with her. This set is similar to the one she wore on her “1989” tour, showcasing Swift’s nods to nostalgia in every look. The sparkly and shiny outfit is perfect for the more energizing and fun songs like “Style,” “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off.”

“Debut/Acoustic” Era

Although the “Taylor Swift” album does not have a permanent song on the setlist, lucky fans might be able to hear it during the acoustic part of the show when Swift plays two surprise songs. Never repeating the same two songs, the singer makes each show unique. During this part, Swift wears a wrap dress with pleats from Jessica Jones. The designer previously worked with Swift for her “Reputation” Stadium Tour and for the 2019 American Music Awards. We have seen this dress in magenta, green, yellow and, of course, blue. Just moments before she announced “1989 TV” and sang “New Romantics.”
This outfit is not as sparkly as the ones worn in the “1989” set or “Lover,” but that is because fans are already anxious and excited about the surprise songs, and with so many possibilities, it only makes sense to put on a more neutral garment. After all, she sang upbeat songs like “Welcome to New York,” but she also sang more melancholic ones like “This is Me Trying,” “Exile” or “Mirrorball.”

“Midnights” Era

Swift’s latest album, “Midnights”, pays tribute to the ’70s aesthetic with outfits featuring faux fur, diamond jewelry, trousers, knits and a lot of glitter. For the first song of the “Midnights” set, “Lavender Haze,” Swift wore an opalescent, sequin dress by Oscar de la Renta and a matching faux fur coat, similar to the one she wore in the music video. She pairs the look with black, knee-high, crystal Louboutin boots. The other Oscar de la Renta sequin dresses were either pink, blue or light purple.

While she performed “Midnight Rain,” Swift changed to a midnight blue, Oscar de la Renta bodysuit embellished with 5,000 beads to resemble a midnight sky. The shimmery, yet sexy bodysuit perfectly embodies the song, “Midnight Rain,” “Vigilante Sh*t” and “Bejeweled.” After all, it only makes sense for her to be bejeweled.

On Mar. 24, the singer debuted a custom, Zuhair Murad bodysuit, crafted with fringe and crystals. In Los Angeles, she opted for another Zuhair Murad bodysuit, but this one had a beaded fringe that hung in a cascade.

To end the show, Swift adds a colorful, sparkly, jacket with fringe. With light pink, hot pink and blue versions, the jacket makes her shine even more as she says goodbye to the audience after a full production of a show. The dancers also put on colorful, fringe jackets and join the singer for a final moment as fireworks shimmer in the background. Swift ends the concert in a bittersweet tone, as fans want more.

The fashion for The Eras Tour was not just to make Swift look good, but also for storytelling. Each outfit was carefully designed to coordinate with her albums and eras. As Libao described, the outfits ”Distinct her eras, they all have a different feel to it.” The garments also made fans excited, as they hoped that Swift would wear their favorite looks in their shows.

The wardrobe changes backstage were also a good time for fans to catch their breaths and sit, but not for long, as Swift was quick with these changes. Still, the most exciting moments were when she would change costumes on stage, like during her performance of “Midnight Rain,” when she changed from a sequin dress to a bodysuit that resembled a midnight sky. Also, it kept fans on their toes, as she would keep introducing new outfits throughout her tour, along with new re-recordings. As soon as she showed up in the blue outfits, fans knew there was more to come. She had not said anything yet, but because it was the first time she was wearing a blue dress for the “Speak Now” set, it had to be for a reason. After all, she is a mastermind.

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