80’s Rewind



History tends to repeat itself, especially in the ever-changing fashion industry. With fall fashion unfolding before our eyes, 80’s trends are making a huge comeback. People often think of the 80’s as a decade filled with legwarmers, spandex, big (or should I say giant) hair, and, of course, lots of neon. It was only a matter of time before some of the most iconic trends of this decade cycled back into mainstream fashion. Here are five 80’s pieces that we guarantee you’ll see this fall.

  1. Customized Denim Jackets

Spotted on the biggest street-style influencers this season are DIY denim jackets. From bold patches, humorous buttons, to spray painted accents, this 80’s staple is easy to make and fun to show off.

     2.  Fanny Packs

While fanny packs bring back memories of family trips to Disney World while being tacky tourists, this “it” bag of the 80’s is back and more chic than ever. Both Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld sent belt bags down the runway in their Pre-Fall show this year, effectively bringing this bag back in the spotlight.

    3.   Adidas Superstar Sneakers

These sneakers are on the feet of fashionable men and women everywhere this season. Run DMC made these shoes popular back in the 80’s, but the current athleisure trend has brought them back in full force. These sneaks are a current style staple for the fall.

    4.  Bomber Jackets

Kanye West may have brought bomber jackets back to life thanks to his Yeezy collection, but this jacket was originally an 80’s staple. Perfect for the fall season, these jackets can be dressed up or down. Bomber jackets are also an easy way to rock the athleisure trend without looking like you just left the gym.

     5.  Scrunchies

Not just your average hair tie, scrunchies became a popular essential in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Stars like Selena Gomez have recently rocked a scrunchie and convinced even the most hesitant fashionistas not to be afraid of this revival. Bonus: it doubles as a bracelet!

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