A Few Fashionable Reasons to Rekindle Your Patriotism


Feeling patriotic? No? Neither are we. If this crazy election season has achieved anything, it’s in making Americans experience a great sense of embarrassment regarding presidential nominees, no matter which side they stand on. From childish debates to near weekly scandals, many have begun to express their anxiety and uneasiness about the state of our nation.

Amongst all the tension, there is some happy news… actually, a lot of happy news. The unemployment rate in the United States is at 5 percent, making it almost half of what it was six years ago in 2010. The use of cigarettes continues its steady decline, along with US cancer deaths, personal bankruptcy, and absolute poverty. In case you still need a few more reasons to reclaim your sense of patriotism, here are three stylish “Made in the USA” brands you’ll undoubtedly want to support and shop from.

Study New York

Canadian grown, Tara St. James had a ten-year career designing clothes both in the U.S. and Canada before opening her own label in the Big Apple. Study New York focuses on sustainability, utilizing a variety of conservative methods within their work. These methods include zero-waste cutting designs, the use of hemp, organic cotton, and other recycled materials, in addition to the use of plant based and environmentally friendly dyes. The company’s latest collection features chunky knits and baggy silhouettes in subdued color palettes. Tara St. James’ work goes far beyond her company though; she also teaches several classes with the Fashion Institute of Technology as a part of their sustainability certification. She has made educating the rising generation of fashion professionals her top priority.

Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze isn’t just a brand for the environmentally conscious consumer, but for the proud feminist as well. Also made in NYC, the brand incorporates the use of vegan leather and vintage textiles into their collections, which explains the retro flare that their clothing exudes. In addition to these environmental strides, Dolores Haze imports textiles from Holland that are crafted from African refugees in an attempt to provide them with employment and better opportunities. The brand has been featured in movies such as White Girl, and feminism and girl power is expressed at the very core of their brand identity. Their brand’s aesthetic is described as capturing the “duality of appearing hyper-feminine, yet possessing an undercurrent of darkness.” At a slightly lower price point than many other sustainable brands, these quirky styles could easily be hanging in your closet soon.

Hackwith Design House

A new company that has seen a lot of growth since its birth in September of 2013 is Hackwith Design House, a Minnesota based studio that makes all of its clothing on-site. Originally only releasing one exclusive garment a week, Hackwith Designs has expanded to include a line of basics, swimwear, bridal, and a plus size collection on top of their seasonal releases. Often times the garments are not even made until an order is placed, in an attempt to reduce textile waste. The clothes possess very clean lines and are produced in crisp colors, but they’re all about being your own person. The “HDH Basics” collection are the types of pieces you’ll want to keep forever, able to be produced in black, white, and sometimes gray. Perhaps most interesting, is their “HDH Bridal” line which is certainly not for the traditional bride. Ethically made and able to be constructed in a variety of alternative colors, Hackwith Designs encourages their customers to use their clothes however they see fit in order to live the life they want.

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