22 Things we loved at the Hillary rally at Kent State


13. Madame president?


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  • 1. One of the topics of the event was encouraging voters to get out and vote early. Gotta love skipping the lines at the polls on Election Day. Quick and easy. If only I could do everything early. Example: not waiting until the night before to write a research paper.

  • 2. The amount of effort that goes into making an event like this happen. Don’t think it goes Unnoticed.

  • 3. The fact that we’ve been waiting a longgggggg time for a female president and it seems like these ladies can sympathize.

  • 4. Padraigin O’flynn is a fellow for the Clinton campaign, yet she will not be voting this Election Day, and not because she vote early. O’flynn is only 17 years old, not old enough to vote. It’s very admirable to see young people so passionate about helping with a cause they are passionate about. You go girl!

  • 5. If Padraigin didn’t remind you that you’re never too young to be informed, then hopefully this little girl does the trick.

  • 6. Congressman Tim Ryan encouraging people to raise the roof just with hand motions. It did the trick in pumping me up. TBH I wish I can have a Tim Ryan alarm clock to pump me up on Mondays. At least I have coffee. Coffee is good.

  • 7. Senator Sherrod Brown rocking a Cleveland Indians’ sweatshirt. I mean seriously, I love that sweatshirt. GO TRIBE!

  • 8. This cool photographer expressing herself through fashion and color in a sea of neutrals. We aspire to be more like this lady.

  • 9. The sense of unity.

  • 10. We loved seeing some A Mag celebs. In the center of this photo is A Magazine photographer Alex Ledet. Check out some of his work in our print issue on stands soon!

  • 11. These photographers getting “the shot.”

  • 12. When Hillary made her grand entrance.

  • 13. Madame president?

  • 14. The smiles. Kind of wish someone would look at us the way Hillary is looking at the audience. Pure joy.

  • 15. We loved hearing Hillary speak. Think of it this way: if she becomes president, we’ll one day get to say we saw the first ever woman president speak. What’s not to love about that?

  • 16. This guy who was not having it, but needed to get that phone pic. We all have been there.

  • 17. The fact that they had an American Sign Language translator at the event.

  • 18. The excitement that was in the air. Speaking of excitement, now that Halloween is over is it cool to start playing Holiday music?

  • 19. The amount of signs all over.

  • 20. The people who are going to make a difference in the election. AKA – the people that vote. AKA – you and us.

  • 21. When Hillary took selfies and met some people, us included!!

  • 22. Nothing says rally quite like some opposing viewpoints. Gotta appreciate the freedom we have in this country to vote for whoever we want. Who knows, as an older lady walking by pointed out, it was Halloween, it could be a costume. Either way, it’s our time to shine. We can make the difference in this election. Young people can determine who becomes the next POTUS. So get out there and vote!

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